Newbie looking for plow frame for Jeep cherokee


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Buffalo,New York
Hi I am new here and was recommended by a Jeep website. I have a 1991 Jeep Cherokee sport XJ, and pass by my Dads house on the way to work. He is 65 and I would like to be able to plow his driveway. I found a good used 6.5 ft Meyer power angle blade (6.5 TM) that I bought for a decent price off a guy who 's s10 was totaled, the insurance company paid him and he never got the plow stuff from the truck, the hit was head on so he did not think the stuff was anygood.

I need frames, pump and controls to fit the Jeep I see many jeep MJ pickups with them and the mount is the same as the Cherokee. I would consider partial or maybe a complete set up. New frames from meyer are $600. My finances are not the best for this right now and trying to be thrifty as I can so used or slightly damage components will work, I have some friends that could help with welding.

I did a search and looked for a for sale section here but id not find much. All replies and suggestions appreciated!!!


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You can bet some distributor has parts you need in their inventory and because they are old you might make a deal for them. The dealer used to be TW Truck Equipment in Buffalo, don't know if they still are. If you go to Meyer website, you can input zip codes close to you to find various Meyer dealers you can call.

You can also find dealers in all truck equipment for all areas at:

You could call a bunch in your area to see if they had any parts for Meyer. Many dealers come and go and sometimes have old inventory they love to get rid of!