New Yearsday Eve Plowing.

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, Dec 26, 2000.

  1. GeoffD

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    Well we got of easy for the x-mas storm, just a little sanding.

    However big east coast storm seams to be brewing. Starting mid afternoon Saturday, till sometime Sunday. If it is 12" or more we won't be done till Monday at the earliest.

  2. Alan

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    C'MON STORM!!!!

    I haven't seen any details about that one yet, but I can hope it comes this way. We're ready to play again, only thing I should do is get my truck checked out, battery voltage is falling off a bit too much for comfort, acts like the internal regulator is going west.
  3. CT18fireman

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    Weather Channel is saying this could be a major winter storm.
    We will see.
  4. BRL

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    Our local NWS office (Mt. Holly) has actually issued a Special Weather Statement for the potential storm. I can't remember seeing a statement so far in advance of an event, they're usually in the 24 - 48 hour period and then closer to the event they dissapear or change to advisorieswarnings. Every radio station & TV news cast has jumped on this one. I can't believe with how bad the forecasting has been so far this season that so many weather sources (every last one that I've seen or heard) are going for this one in a big way. I am hoping that means this one is for real.
  5. HandyHaver

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    This one could be our first real event of the season.
    The other 2 generated some work but haven't had the chance to due my whole route(drives & walks) as yet. I dropped the plow to push some slush at a few of my customers, but no real white stuff as yet. I can see a big difference here between the commercial & res. as far as the way they need to be serviced. If these 2 fronts meet up & hit us at the same time, we could get hammered. My wife is freakin becuase we are expecting around 35-40 people for New Years.
    Let's see what happens........I'll take it whenever!!!

  6. John DiMartino

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    Alan,my voltage was a hair low on the 89 last storm,noticed it when i filled the v-box,I always leave it running,when i hopped back in,it was pn 13-usually on 14,or a hair over,20 minutes later it went out,doing firsrt account of storm.
  7. landscaper3

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    Goeff looks like a sunday storm up our way, if it stays the same size or intensifies the local weather siad 6" to 12" or more. Looks like another 20hour day!
  8. plowking35

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    2 things
    The last time I have seen a storm hyped this far in advance was the blizzard of 93 that lasted from March 10-13 and dumped snow from Georgia to Maine. The blizzard of 96 was hyped at about 3-4 days out, but I saw on TWC inclinations last saturday. FWIW, they forcasted the ice storm that the south is getting last weekend, and they have been right on the money. Read the forcast models from . as of last night at 11 pm they all were forcasting at least a moderate snow storm for SE NE. Anyway time will tell, but we are due.
    My truck has been hard starting the last few days, at first chalked it up to the cold weather, but even when warm it was still turning slow. Load tested the batts this am. One was in the weak zone, and the other borderline. Now these are 3 yo and do get worked pretty hard. Plow and electric sander. But I was surprised that GM only installed 600cca batteries in a diesel. They have been replaced with 920 cca units. Truck winds right over now. It would have been a very bad thing to have go south during a storm.
    So keep an eye on those batts.
  9. jammin

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    new years eve

    have seen some of my worst storms on new years eve looks like all forecaster see good one for lake regions mich. ohio pa. Well tell the wife stay at home could be a long one. Happy new year. jammin
  10. thelawnguy

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    I much prefer weekend and holiday snow, commercial lots are empty, homeowners arent needing to get anywhere in a hurry so I can pretty much clean up at my leisure.
  11. John DiMartino

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    Dino,my dad's 94 1500 2wd 6.5 T came with twin 770CCa's yours should be the same.It must crank great now.3yrs is about the limit anymore for batterys.I put twin 725's Interstate s in my 91-it spins over like its hot-even when its 10 degrees out.
  12. bcngtr

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  13. plowking35

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    Went out this am and the starter winds right over now. The factory units were 600cca, I couldnt believe it. Anyway trucks is much happier with the larger batts in it now.
  14. nsmilligan

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    Geoff, all the stuff that missed you Mainers got us in Nova Scotia. Plowed Xmas eve, Xmas day, boxing day, and today.
    You guys can work New Years, I want a day off!
  15. Eric ELM

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    According to the weather guessers, we will be working New Years Eve and New Years Day. Possible 4 to 8 tomorrow with snow from then til New Years Day possible. We need a big thaw to get rid of some of this white stuff.
  16. plowboy876

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    YES !!!!!! LET IT COME

    Hey Geof,
    Let the games begin....gentlemen start your plows....let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
    I'm ready..

    I live in SW lower Michigan, and have been plowing on a DAILY basis since Dec 11th. Yesterday and today are the first days that there was not enough to plow. Thankfully, I was able to do some needed maintenance to my 81 chevy. And the verdict is: I'M READY....LETS DO IT !!!!
  17. jaclawn

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    It just seems to me that the more a storm is hyped early, the weaker the storm gets when it finally does hit us.

    Seems that (at least lately) that the most significant snow has come un-forecasted, and when we are not at 100% prepation level.
  18. BRL

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    Well it looks like they may be right on this one. NWS has issued a watch & gave potential accumulations of anywhere from 8 - 18 inches for NJSENY. Seems like only 1 computer model is forecasting the low to be further inland (bringing some mix or rain to coastal areas & pushing heavy snows further inland) & the rest are converging to say it will run up the coast at the right path to bring some heavy snows NJ, NY, CT & rest of New England. Good luck & stay safe out there.
  19. Big Nate's Plowing

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    we have only had one 5+ storm in toledo ohio but after that we got around 1 inch every other day for a week or so
    not enough to plow, i hope we get slammed, dtn is calling for 5-7 inches here, i wish we would get it, i really want to try out my new plow !
  20. litle green guy

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    wow! looks like we might acually get something. If it goes as predicted we'll probly be out all day sat, sat night and cleanup on sunday. Maybey I should get some sleep.