New year's weekend blizzard

senor plow

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Anyone have any new news on this weekend's possible snow storm for the northeast, especially eastern massachusetts?

I want to take the plow out for the first real time this winter


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Phila, Burbs
so far it looks like it's heading our way. Nobodys saying how much we're gonna get. If it tracks the way the are showing, we may be in for "ALOT" of snow. I also wanted to drop the blade on some real snow. My first real year out. Was kinda hopin for a modest & profitable first snow fall, but I'll try to be ready for whatever comes our way. I have a honda single stage blower for the walks but if they keep predicting "ALOT" I may have to invest in a 2 stage. Looked at a craftsman 5hp 24" 2 stage today, $750.00 ready to go. Would be worth it if we get hammered, just have to wait & see.



weather on your computer

Here is a program that you can put on your computer for the weather and it resides on the bottom tool bar of your screen. It is "live" reporting for the town you program it to and it is free. I have found that it is very accurate and that when there is a weather alert, the computer puts out a warning tone to bring it to your attention.

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