New (used) Chevy


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I just bought a 1993 Chevy c/k1500 Cheyene longbeb 4.3 v6. It runs fine but has some cosmetic problems (dents in body). It is automatic,ac, bedliner, with 66,000 miles. I paid $4,000 + tax, tittle dealer prep, etc... from a local dealer. I think I did ok but just wanted opnions on how you all think I did.


it's a mystery

You got a decent price. As far as reliability, there is no way to know-yet. I have heard of new truck owners having the thing in the shop every month. Then there's some (like me) who bought an older truck with higher miles-running the crap out of it- and having relatively no problems. Check the date on the door. Many people say if your truck was produced on a monday or friday-it may be a lemon. Who knows.