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I currently have '96 Tahoe 4x4 that is giving me all kinds of problems. I am looking into potentially replacing this with a pickup truck (4 door, crew cab, short bed). I would be deciding between the F250, 1500HD or 2500HD since these are the only trucks in the full 4 door, crew cab model.

We own a powerboat boat that when completely loaded is probably a little under 5,000lbs. Probably 80% of the time in the truck for non-towing. I am trying to decide on which truck to get and which engine would be most appropriate for me.

I have always had a 4x4, even though I do not use it that often. With a pickup truck, is 4x4 worth the extra money, especially for the towing aspect of it? If not, do the new trucks ever have problems at the boat ramp with the rear tires spinning, especially with no weight in the bed? I know I have helped several people out by sitting in the back of their truck to enable them to retrieve their boat.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. It is appreciated.

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I think that either 1500HD or 2500HD will work good for you. I recently bought a new 2002 Silverado 2500HD Extended Cab Short Box with Vortec 6000 engine. I love it. I have not towed anything with it yet because I have to get the brake controller. But I think that it will tow nicely.

I am no expert at this, but when you said that you will be towing around 20% of time with 5000# of load, I am not sure if you should go with the Vortec 8100. I am sure that the Vortec 6000 will pull it without problem but sometime if you are going to do alot of towing, then it may be better to go with the big block.

As for 4x4, I read your profile and it says that you are from SD, California, so there is no snow there. I don't think that you would need the 4x4. I would think that you should get rear locking differential. I don't do boating so I have no experience. So maybe I am wrong and it is a good idea to get the 4x4 too. It is just my opinion.

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