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I am looking at getting a new truck. I am pretty sure I want to stay with a ford because of the solid front axels and front suspension. I will be putting the 8.5' fisher vee on the front and will be using the truck in the summer for landscaping and pulling a 20' bumper mount 10,000# trailer hauling equipment. I am not sure weather a gas or deisel would be better, I like the deisel for towing, but am not so sure about plowing with one. I know the deisel is going to be more economical to run but still amnot sure if that is the way to go. I was told by the ford dealer that there is no difference in the 250 vs. 350 and looking at the specs. for each one don't see the difference. Any help that you could offer would be much appreciated, I can do all the research in the world but personnal experiences and extra knowledge will go a long way in making my decision. <p>Thank You Matt

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I can tell you two things.<p>1. for the fisher v-plow, get a 1 ton. ( ford,chevy,gmc,dodge) JUst get a 1 ton.<p>2. There is nothing wrong with the solid front axel in a truck. I have a lot of ford plow trucks and the solid axel is fine.<p>3. Diesel is a tough choice to make. Because it takes a while for the fuel savings payback to occur. Only you have a great towing truck.<p>Geoff


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I prefer the solid front axle for a plow vehicle. Putting a load on the front of the truck does not really affect the alignment. I have done allot of repair work to the front of Ford & GM front indipendent suspensions. They just don’t seem to hold up as well. I do respect geoff 's opinion on vehicle selection. He really works these types of trucks. I think the one ton is the way to go. Good Luck.

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