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New Truck

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by GreatBigTuna, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. GreatBigTuna

    GreatBigTuna Member
    Messages: 30

    I just bought my new truck (new to me anyways) and felt the need to show it off. This is just a picture from the dealers ad on the web, but I will post some more once I get the plow mounted. She's a '99 Ram 2500 Quad Cab 6.5' bed. 24 Valve Cummins with 50k and not a speck of rust. She's in really nice shape with only a small door ding on the driver side rear door. I got her for just a little over $20k, so she fit my budget as well.

    This is my first plow truck, so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm going to put a Meyer STP 7.5 on the front and a Meyer Mini Tailgate spreader in the back. (I know alot of you guys don't like the Meyer, but we have a great dealer here that my uncle works for and they have been there for my step-father through thick and thin, so he tends to stick with them, and I'll be plowing for him so....) I'm a little worried how well the leather seats will hold up in a truck that is used as a truck (I really wanted the cloth), but the price was right and the truck is really in great shape so I figured if they get messed up, so be it. They are heated though, so they should keep my tushy warm this winter :D What do you guys think? Is there anything that I should look out for that is particular to the '99? Thanks!

  2. szorno

    szorno Senior Member
    Messages: 308

    Hey Tuna,
    Nice truck ! Really similar to my "new" one. Thought- consider a bigger blade. The meyer C8 is a bigger and better blade from a commercial plowing view. The C8 is taller and has more curve, so snow won't come over the top and into your windshield at modest (15 mph) spd like the standard. The standard poly is what we run on our Ramcharger. Good plow but you can go bigger to the C8 or the poly 8. You got the springs and the power. Use em. Some guys here say even bigger. 8 ft is big enough for a first truck. Post pics when you get it setup.:nod:
  3. GreatBigTuna

    GreatBigTuna Member
    Messages: 30

    Hey Scott. Thanks for the advice. I was primarily looking at the 7.5 because the local Dodge dealer was telling me that anything bigger would be too heavy because of the weight of the motor. My stepdad has only ever run gassers, so he didn't know what to tell me. He runs the C8 on his GMC's. 3/4 tons. The FVWR on this truck is 4850 lbs. I know some 3/4 ton Rams have a FVWR of 5200 lbs. I wonder if the dealer was just being conservative because it seems like an awful lot of the folks on here are pushing bigger plows. I was thinking that maybe this particular truck just didn't have the right setup or something. I'll talk to the plow shop and see what they think, but I agree with you, it would seem like I should be able to put a bigger plow on it. I would love to run a blizzard, but I think I'll save that for once I figure out what the heck I'm doing:D plus I don't think we get enough snow around here to warrant that kind of armorment. Thanks again, I'll definately post back once I get the plow & spreader on.
  4. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    Sweet truck Tuna.Mine was SUPPOSED to be that exact color,but they forgot to add the driftwood strip,and I got plain white. :realmad:

    As far as the truck goes,just change the oil and filters regularly,and it will last forever.NEVER,EVER use a Fram filter on your Cummins,Fleetguard only.

    That truck will need a bigger blade than a 7.5 ft meyers.I'd go with a 9 footer.even then you'll have no trouble pushing or carrying it.

    I would add a set of Timbrens no matter what you get.

    If you want the Blizzard,why not just do it now,instead of waiting :D
  5. Crazy_Eddie

    Crazy_Eddie Member
    Messages: 38

    Just by looking at your name I'd assume your familiar with places such as the parking lot, hot dog, jackspot, poormans, etc... If you are let me know how that cummins pulls a boat..

  6. GreatBigTuna

    GreatBigTuna Member
    Messages: 30


    I am quite familiar with those places. I'm sure the cummins will pull my little boat just fine (it only weighs 8000lbs). Another perk of the new truck I suppose ;) Do you get out much? If so, how did you do this year?


    Thanks for the input. I'm really thinking about a bigger blade now. I called our local blizzard dealer today, but $5k definately hurts, especially if we only get a few little snows this year :) I also called my uncle about the C8 and the C9 and he's checking into the prices for me. My stepfather is encouraging me to get the smaller blade though. He thinks that with the amount of snow we get around here, that is all I'll need. I guess he's just looking out for me as far as wear and tear on the truck, but I think that if I can swing the extra cash, I think I'll go with the bigger setup anyhow. That way in the event we get a big storm like we did last year, I should be able to be a little more efficient. He runs 7.5's on his trucks, and that's all he's ever run, and he's the kind of guy that doesn't like to fix what ain't broke, so I'm sure that plays a role in his opinon also. Maybe if I get the big blade, and it really makes a difference in efficiency he'll change his mind. We'll see. I'll be sure to let you all know what I end up getting. Thanks!!!
  7. Mike 97 SS

    Mike 97 SS Banned
    from U.S.A.
    Messages: 1,106

    Welcome to PlowSite! Thats a heck of a nice truck you got there. I agree with the above guys, go bigger than a 7.5' on there, you dont have to go crazy big, but I think an 8' plow is a much better choice than a 7.5'. Keep us posted and good luck with the truck! Mike :waving:
  8. Crazy_Eddie

    Crazy_Eddie Member
    Messages: 38

    as far as tuna goes..

    I didn't fair too well this year. It seemed like the water didn't completely clear up until after my buddy's boat melted one cyclinder in each motor. Unfortunately my boat is too small to go offshore in so I haven't out since early sept.
    Planning on buying a 33' Hydra-Sports with the two guys I always fish with so next year 3-5' forecasts won't keep me on land..
    BTW, I like your truck. The more I read on this site the more I want a cummins..

  9. griffithtlc

    griffithtlc Senior Member
    Messages: 213

    Nice truck Tuna:D I agree, nothing beats the white with the driftwood stipe. It never gets old. Mine's all white, but I have some rust spots showing up, so I am going to tape the bottom off next spring and give squirt it with some gray paint. I agree w/ the bigger blade. We just put a Blizzard 810 on my truck (94 ram 3/4 t. w/ Cummins), it sags a little, but stiffer springs are on the way. I don't think anything will stop the mighty Cummins.
    Good Luck:salute:
  10. Adams plowing

    Adams plowing Senior Member
    Messages: 195

    Nice looking truck good luck with it.

  11. GreatBigTuna

    GreatBigTuna Member
    Messages: 30

    Thanks everybody! So far I love it (after one whole day :)) My wife thinks it's too loud, but we both love the fact that I'm already seeing 6-7 MPG better than my 01 1/2 Ton with the 5.9. I think she'll get used to the noise, and maybe even grow to like it (probably not :D) Thanks again for the kind words and advice. I'll let you all know what plow I end up with as soon as my uncle gets back to me with some pricing.

    Eddie - Don't feel bad. We did squat this year. The water was just to darn cold I think. I went down to Hatteras in late August and I couldn't believe the surf temps were 56 F in Nags Head. Did get some decent Yellowfin on that trip, but all I got out of OC this year was a couple of little footballs and some Dolphin. I bet they're running like hell out there now that I can't get out anymore. I'm heading down to Hatteras in a few weeks to live line for kings. I'm dying to get down there. Hopefully they have been able to rebuild the island after Isabel. We'll see soon enough.
  12. myo

    myo Senior Member
    Messages: 193

    Nice truck and good luck with it and plow! Welcome to Plowsite:waving:
  13. GreatBigTuna

    GreatBigTuna Member
    Messages: 30

    Mike - Thanks for the welcome.

    Well it looks like it's going to be the C8 for the front of my truck. They just ordered it, so I should have it on by mid-November. It came in at just under $3200 installed (my Uncle pretty much hooked me up ;)).

    I do have another question about the Ram in general. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm not really wild about the leather and the woodgrain in my new truck. I just got the idea that maybe I could swap the seats, dash bezel and door panels from my old truck (01 1500 SLT Quad) with the stuff from the new one. It should add a little bit to the bottom line of the old truck, which would be nice because I am selling it. The interiors of the trucks seem to be identical. Does anyone know if there are any differences in the seat mounts or if I have the right wiring under the drivers seat in the old truck (the new one is power and the old one is not)? Any insight you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all the help!
  14. Roger Dodger

    Roger Dodger Senior Member
    from nw Pa.
    Messages: 240

    IMHO the grief and effort to swap out those items isn't worth the small financial gain you "might" get from the sale of the old one. I wouldn't disturb things and leave well enough alone. You can always get a nice looking cloth seatcover for the leather. They are making some nice looking, custom fitting ones these days that last quite long. You'd likely lose the heating function of the seat when it's swapped since the old truck may not have the wiring for it as well. Then again, a prospective buyer might walk away from a sale thinking the truck "could be scabbed" from such swapping.
  15. GreatBigTuna

    GreatBigTuna Member
    Messages: 30

    You make a good point Roger. I didn't really think of it that way, but you are right. Thanks! :)
  16. Adams plowing

    Adams plowing Senior Member
    Messages: 195

    becides i think you'll enjoy keeping those heated seats in the winter.
  17. plowking35

    plowking35 2000 Club Member
    from SE CT
    Messages: 2,923

    3200 for a meyer doesnt sound like a deal to me, I wouldthink that closer to 3k tops installed would be more in line.
  18. GreatBigTuna

    GreatBigTuna Member
    Messages: 30

    Dino - I'll look into that. My uncle said that he was getting me dealer's cost. I wonder if he just mis-quoted me or something. I doubt he'd be trying to rip me off as we are pretty close. I hope you're right and he was mistaken. If not, maybe I'll come up there and get my plow :) Thanks for the heads up.
  19. Adams plowing

    Adams plowing Senior Member
    Messages: 195

    I can get a meyers for around $2900 up here
  20. GreatBigTuna

    GreatBigTuna Member
    Messages: 30

    Ok guys, I talked to my uncle. The $3200 was a package price including the spreader. The plow itself was just under $2600. Thanks for the heads up!