New truck, New dent


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Walingford, Ct.
Hows this for luck, last push before going home and truck slides into a short pole. Whats your worst story?

I know you hate that. Sorry to see that happened to you. Occasionally I buy pre-owned trucks for work trucks... If thy have small imperfections in them, I leave them. I consider that disaster-proofing them.
PRO..............BUMMER !..................Its funny tho.. at this
years BBQ we were comparing the bangs and bruises
on our rigs that were new last year ! OUCH!
Some of the guys said there ain't a scratch on your 01.
I said "OUIET" and knock on wood !...............geo

BTW: If it will make ya feel any better....Some guy
made a wide swing with his plow rig and clipped the
side of my dads NEW 02 Chevy with the blade ! Its
being fixed as we speak...The guys paying out of his
pocket. He wants NO insurance involved !
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Sorry to hear your troubles, Pro Sno, nice looking truck, GREAT plow!

I once had the rear end of my truck slide over an embankment, while the front end blocked the driveway I was plowing. The tow operator couldn't get around me, and had to winch off a tree in the woods. With the angle that everything was at, he could only hook to my frame to pull, and the cable was going to buckle the rear quarter. I said OK, I was only half way through my route and was anxious to finish. I didn't see any alternative short of hiring a crane to pick me out.

He got me out and buckled the quarter as predicted, but this truck was a beater, with a full restoration with new body planned for Spring. The worst cosmetic damage I've done.


Toronto Canada
Pro Snow, I would use that truck for cruising for a few years then turn her into a plow truck.

When I plowed, I never used new trucks, always 3-4 yr. old (cosmeticaly challenged bangers). No need for expensive cosmetic repairs & no obsessions over scratches & dents.


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I was lucky. I backed into a rail at Kennedy airport. It seemed like it took me a hundred years to get from the cab to the right rear. I pulled the tailight lens from the housing. The next day I glued it back together. I WAS LUCKY! I love your truck. I hopes thats the worst that will ever happen to you!

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