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New truck and plow setup general help-meyer

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by sachilles, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. sachilles

    sachilles Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    Long story short, I bought a 95 dodge ram 1500 at an auction. Had a plow in the back. I got what I thought was a good deal on the truck and as a bonus it had a plow setup.
    Upon further inspection, it doesn't look like the plow was ever on the truck.
    The frame appears to fit the truck. The plow fits the frame.
    It has a hydraulic lift for the plow, but no external motor/pump. There are no controls.
    It did come with an older style pump that runs by a V-belt....the truck uses a serpantine belt.

    So I need to figure out what I need to make this work. I need to figure out a way to push hydraulic fluid to the rams and a way to control it.
    I have a small driveway, so speed isn't a huge issue. My previous plow vehicle was a jeep cj with a similar meyers plow setup...but a manual angle blade.
    So even the slowest power angle is an improvement.
    My jeep used the same style pump as what came with my new truck....but I had a rod attached to the pump control the lift of the plow.(the rod passes through the firewall)
    I'm not opposed to spending money to do it right....I just don't need the latest/greatest commercial setup.
    I just found this forum this evening, so I'll get some pictures of the setup in the morning when there is some light.

    The lift part of the plow looks like the one in the toggle switch illustration, however it doesn't have an electric motor attached...just has a hydro ram with a coupling to hook it to a pump.

    In my guestimation, the previous owner threw the plow in to sweeten the deal at auction, and had it from another truck, so its no surprise that I'm missing some parts.
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  2. sachilles

    sachilles Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    bottom line is it as easy as adding a E-47, E-57 or E-60 and the control unit.
    Will they bolt in to where the current ram...ie are they the same size.