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new tow rig

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by payton, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    didnt think the ford was gonna cut the mustard so i picked this up today
    03 3500 quad cab long bed 4wd 6 spd cummins
    yeah there ****** cell phone pics
  2. Chadly1980

    Chadly1980 Junior Member
    Messages: 27

    That'll push some snow for sure!

    But that isn't the driveway it is going to stay in is it? :nono: With a plow on the front, it will be hanging out in the street!
  3. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    so did my 03 f350 cc sb fx4 powerstroke
    so did my 00 gmc 2500 ec sb with plow and spreader on it.
    dont forget i also have a 40ft gooseneck that isnt far off from there most of the time..lol

    my neighbors already know im a redneck with big loud trucks


  4. ABES

    ABES PlowSite.com Addict
    from MN
    Messages: 1,322

    now thats a truck right there. why did you sell the ford so soon???
  5. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    40ft goosneck 36k gvw rolling weight .. powerstroke was an auto.. i forsaw issues with the tranny holding up so i got rid of it b4 toasting it and having to drop 5k in the tranny
  6. J&R Landscaping

    J&R Landscaping PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,202

    Truck looks great! Good luck with it.
  7. Idealtim

    Idealtim Senior Member
    Messages: 268

    Holy crap 36k is a lot of trailer there. I know 26k or so is ford's max capacity on a 350 dually, but I didn't know dodge's ratings were so much higher? right?
  8. Jt13speed

    Jt13speed Senior Member
    Messages: 366

    Great choice, sweet truck. That 6spd with Cummins will definetly do the trick and do it in style. One thing i notice thought...no towing mirrors?? i hate when they put them stupid little mirrors on a fullsize dually. What kinda plow you putting on it? Good luck
  9. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    yeah i gotta find a set of tow mirrors first thing. and 36gvw is truck trailer and load. and im not sure that dodge rates the truck that high. but im sure im gonna find out how long the truck will hold up rolling that kinda weight haha..

    as far as plow im not sure yet. probally 9'2" v. or maybe a 10footer something bigggggggg
  10. Mark13

    Mark13 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,794

    A guy down the street from me has a 9'2" boss v on his bombed cummins, lets just say it will move some snow and make it look effortless at the same time.
  11. DeereFarmer

    DeereFarmer PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,296

    I'm a Ford guy and likied your other new truck, but this dodge is just really nice. hope it works well for you. Did you take a hit on the Ford or did you come out OK?
  12. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    i didnt take a hit on the ford if thats what your asking. so i made out alright i guess.


    THEGOLDPRO PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,136

    great truck man, it must be a blast to drive with the 6-speed, got any pics of the goosneck you tow??
  14. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470


    THEGOLDPRO PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,136

    nice very impressive, its funny how you kept saying i dont want/need a dulley lol then 7 days later you have a dodge dulley, lol
  16. BOSS550

    BOSS550 Senior Member
    Messages: 212

    Payton, I saw in the other thread you are pulling hotshot loads. Are you doing this full time? I looked into doing that with mine so I could keep the truck rolling all year with a driver and just the cargo insurance was outrageous. Liability was pretty bad too plus all the extra states to add for the apportioned tag .... you get the picture. It was expensive quick. Who do you use for the insurance end of your hauling?
  17. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    main reason for me getting rid of the srw is the auto tranny didnt feel up to par so i was looking for a manny and found the dually so i picked it up. if i could have found my powerstroke with a 6spd manny i would have been all over it

    yeah im gonna be doing this full time for now. taking a break from operating. i signed on as a leasee on with a larger comp. so im going on as a rider on his policy. he fully covers me and my truck/trailer and load. so its a good thing. i could make a lil more if i was on my own policy and authority but id be spending a lot more getting it all set up. maybe one day i will but right now this works for me.

  18. TEX

    TEX Senior Member
    Messages: 606

    nice truck now time to put some toys on it
  19. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    yeah ill be adding gauges soon. exhaust.. intake. possibly upgrading the fuel system.
    already threw my bully dog in it. and can tell a world of differnece.

  20. jce4isu

    jce4isu Senior Member
    Messages: 289

    you sell the gmc yet ??