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New to this site, need opinions on buying plow trucks

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by AlwaysReadyEMT, Jan 3, 2011.


Ford or chevy!???

Poll closed Feb 22, 2011.
  1. FORD

  2. CHEVY

  1. AlwaysReadyEMT

    AlwaysReadyEMT Junior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 1

    ussmileyflag I just joined this site about 10 mins.ago and first off its a great site, 2nd off i hope some of you members can help me decide between 3 trucks w/ plows included and installed.
    1-1989 Chevy 1500 4x4 8' bed around 98,500 miles auto trans,V6 no frame or body rust, $2995
    2- 1995 Ford F150 4x4 106,963 miles, 5 spd manual, V6, no bed some rust near doors and hood, rebuilt trans $2550
    3- 198? Ford bronco 4x4 125,880 miles 5 spd, V8 broken wiper motor, rebuilt trans, rear axle and brake system, $4320

    let me know what you think, im leaning toward the 89 chevy it looked structurally intact and ran smooth when i test drove it.
    and does anyone know about insurance costs, DMV costs and other things i should know like regulations and what not?
    Dave R.
    CB handle: RAGMAN1
  2. mnglocker

    mnglocker Senior Member
    Messages: 923

    I'd run away from all those trucks. Auto's are far more enjoyable to plow with, however GM's IFS and 4.3 V6 are junk and Fords twin I-Beam suspension will eat ball joints with a plow and sticks are a pain to shift while running a plow control.

    Find an older solid-front-axle truck with and auto, or buy way newer with less age to corrode it's self apart.
  3. Yooper75

    Yooper75 Senior Member
    Messages: 324

    I second this go find a solid axle truck with an auto truck to hang a plow off of because even with an automatic transmission you will have your hands full moving snow. You should be able to find some solid mid 80's trucks in either Ford or Chevy with a solid axle to push snow with.
  4. mnglocker

    mnglocker Senior Member
    Messages: 923

    Or any half ton dodge up to a 2001.
  5. Dr Who

    Dr Who Senior Member
    Messages: 637

    1-1989 Chevy 1500 4x4 8' bed around 98,500 miles auto trans,V6 no frame or body rust, $2995

    V6? Not enuff power, need a inline 6 if you want a 6cly, but I would go with a v8 keep looking

    2- 1995 Ford F150 4x4 106,963 miles, 5 spd manual, V6, no bed some rust near doors and hood, rebuilt trans $2550

    Stay away from this one, v6? no way, not enuff power, the 5 speeds are junk (Mazada Transmissions) had a 91 with one in it, they are junk,weak, can not find used ones and are expencive is you do. No bed? 2500? does it come with 2000 cash in a Mcd"s bag in the glove box? thats a 500.00 truck

    3- 198? Ford bronco 4x4 125,880 miles 5 spd, V8 broken wiper motor, rebuilt trans, rear axle and brake system, $4320

    8? like to know what year, or at least the style. since if its a 89+ its got the same Mazada Transmision, being its a 5 speed I would think that it does.

    out of the 3 I would reather have the Bronco, v8 so plenty of power, its shorter and easy to wiggle around in small lots. 4300 I would make them fix the wiper motor, you gotta have wipers. kinda high, but it may just be the area.

    I agree with others on this, keep looking, you should be able to find you a good starter truck w/plow for about 5000.00, look on the internet/craigslist and ebay. You may have to go t oa differnet state and pick it up, but it may be worth it.
  6. Dr Who

    Dr Who Senior Member
    Messages: 637

    Dodge? why would anyone what a Dodge? :)

    only joke'n to each there own, its why they make different brands! :)
  7. theplowmeister

    theplowmeister 2000 Club Member
    from MA
    Messages: 2,617

    First what are you going to plow?

    parking lots or driveways?

    For driveways go with the bronco.

    second; if you NORMALLY drive a standard you can plow with a standard.

    If you normally drive an auto but can drive a standard get the auto.

    I have always had a standard tranny in all my cars/trucks I got an auto for my backup and I cant stand plowing with it.
  8. MSplowing

    MSplowing Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 42

    I have a 95 chevy with the 4.3, i have a 7.6 straight blade on it and it pushes snow fine, and i do commercial lots and residential drives with it. I've pushed as much as 8 inches with it and no problems yet and im at 200,000 miles on it original motor, tranny rebuilt once before i got it. So out of them choices i'd say got with the 89 chevy.
  9. sweetk30

    sweetk30 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,588

    and no fuel mileage with these :D in stock trim
  10. White Gardens

    White Gardens 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,665

    If it were me, I wouldn't by any of those trucks if they had plows on them.

    You are better off finding a cheaper truck and then putting a plow on it.
  11. Dr Who

    Dr Who Senior Member
    Messages: 637

    I just can not imagion using a std to plow with, I drove a std truck for years but what little time I have been plowing, the auto wares me out just using the brakes..
  12. MattR

    MattR Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    I beg to differ. My 89 Dodge 1/2 ton is very decent on fuel. I have the 318 and 3 speed auto (NO OD) and when I have the blade off, I get 18-19 mpg. Never checked with the blade on since I am usually plowing with it on. If you had a bad experience with a dodge regarding mpg, maybe you got a bad one, or I just have a good one..lol.
  13. sweetk30

    sweetk30 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,588

    ya you have a 89 dodge old body thay are better.

    the 1994-2001 drink gas. extream 4x4 tv show even did a whole story on how to get them to get better than 10mpg.
  14. mnglocker

    mnglocker Senior Member
    Messages: 923

    I know the answer; it's called a Cummins. wesport

    My 94' gasser might get 11mpg down hill with help from the wind pushing. MY 00' CTD will get 19-23 on the highway and about 15 around town.
  15. MattR

    MattR Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    Before I bought this truck, I borrowed my cousin's truck to haul a van and two cars to the scrapyard on the car trailer (3 trips, not all at once..lol). That thing I swore had a huge hole in the gas tank..lol. If I remember right, I got about 6-7mpg with it. It was a 1994 3/4t 4x4 and had the 351 in it. I am a Ford guy, but after having to fill its thrist for gas, I decided not to buy his Ford for plowing. Probably should have just for the plow though, Blizzard 811, and he only was asking $2500 for it.

    mnglocker... My next truck will definately have the CTD in it. I travel alot during the warmer months and almost always have the van loaded and a loaded enclosed trailer in tow. Currently I use a Ford 1ton van and this way I can save a bit by not having to register and insure two seperate vehicles. I can only drive one at a time anyways.
  16. carkey351

    carkey351 Senior Member
    Messages: 229

  17. monson770

    monson770 Senior Member
    Messages: 133

    if you are serious about plowing buy something that has enough power to push the snow you expect toe get annually, on the jobs you expect to get/ have. if you start getting more jobs and you want to upgrade you have that option.

    gas mileage is a big motivator towards the turbo diesels.. seems like a no brainer sometimes, but a gas engine might be cheaper to fix, or have less parts that are expensive to fix..

    are you going to be shovelling or salting? v-box salt spreaders can hold a lot of salt, does your truck need to? can you drive up a hill with your plow and a load of salt?

    also i think it is important to think about what you are plowing to decide on the right plow as well... back drag for driveways? i have a nice hinged blade that sharpens as i plow forward and swings into a locked position to back drag.. slick for sidewalks in front of parking spaces, and also driveways..

    is a v-plow or winged plow something that might be better, because you do most all commercial?

    think about how much money you will need to spend if something goes wrong with either peice of equiptment.. and how easy is it for you to fix on the fly, in 14" of snow, with freezing drizzle?

    be wary, and make sound decisions..