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New to the plows, not to the pick ups

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by duff daddy, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. duff daddy

    duff daddy Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    Hey guys, from mass heres a little bit about my truck and what it looks like, i have a 1999 F350 reg cab long bed 6speed diesel with 170k. back on august third i thought hell it would be a great idea to repaint the truck, had some body damage from wheeling, some normal rust from having that kind of milage and just scratches from other excursions. to start it off right ill go front to back as far as parts that are being replaced.
    New front lx bump no holes for valance
    New smoked headlamps, and corner lenses
    Harley davidson grille w/emblem
    New left front fender
    New Reflexxion steal cowl induction hood
    New driver side door
    New driver side rocker panel
    New driver side cab corner
    New front fender harley davidson emblems.
    New bed
    New 2008 Super Duty bumper
    4 Harley davidson rims w/ 35 13.5 pro comp extreme at's
    New competition orange door handles
    New Trifecta tonneau cover
    New driver side washer nozzle
    Paint was dupont primer and PPG primer sealer, paint and PPG dcu 2042 clear coat. colors are black and competition orange. custom bed graphic's and pin striping.
    New bed bolts too haha

    i do have some new/inprogress photo's of whats going on its just hard because of me having dialup and the pain of getting photo's on here. just though id give you guys a heads up of some pic's and more info here in the next week as it gets put back together gets ripped apart and gets painted.

    <img src="http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/3006/dsc01341aaaj2.jpg">
    <img src="http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/9127/dsc01340ns9.jpg">
    <img src="http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/2248/dsc01338tu3.jpg">
    <img src="http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/5676/dsc01337xk9.jpg">

    well last week at work (your local five star chrysler dodge jeep dealer) we got an 04 2500 ram in with an 8ft mm2 hd set up on it, well it needed about 2k to fix it and they didnt have the cash for it in the deal and well i offered 2 grand just for the entire set up and well well, i got me a new plow haha. basicly just thought id share, any of you power stroke guys out w/6 spd trans??? i mounted the joystick on the shifter but what bracket/plate have you guys used. oh well thanks for the time

  2. duff daddy

    duff daddy Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    <img src="http://img451.imageshack.us/img451/8448/dsc01335mh3.jpg">
    <img src="http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/3493/dsc01336no6.jpg">
    <img src="http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/3148/dsc01343aaju3.jpg">
    <img src="http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/6923/dsc01342gl8.jpg">
  3. duff daddy

    duff daddy Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    <img src="http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/7227/dsc01319oh9.jpg">
    <img src="http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/7093/dsc01321rp4.jpg">
    <img src="http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/3830/dsc01326zp2.jpg">
    <img src="http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/6775/dsc01327ka7.jpg">
  4. duff daddy

    duff daddy Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    <img src="http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/7104/dsc01329rr8.jpg">
    <img src="http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/5264/dsc01330sc8.jpg">
    <img src="http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/3558/dsc01331om4.jpg">
    <img src="http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/7389/dsc01333au0.jpg">
  5. exmark1

    exmark1 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,321

    Can I ask why? It looked good before you even started ripping it apart! Seems like a waste of money and time JMO
  6. duff daddy

    duff daddy Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    yea, the bed was rusting out on the wheel wells, the rear bumper was just black and rusted, front was chrome but hated it , the left door was dented and rotted same with left side cab corner. so i figured it would be smart to fix it... oh well
  7. exmark1

    exmark1 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,321

    True and if you could do most of it yourself it most likely didn't cost as much! Looks nice
  8. Mysticlandscape

    Mysticlandscape Senior Member
    Messages: 689

    FOR GOD SAKES TINT THOSE WINDOWS then it will be complete
  9. gotsnow?

    gotsnow? Senior Member
    Messages: 257

    Thought about putting a plow on the crotch rocket?? ussmileyflag
  10. KGRlandscapeing

    KGRlandscapeing 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,660

    wait ur telling me u put a plow on that truck??? but its so pretty it should be at home tuckd away in the garage napping for the winter. nice truck you did really good
  11. duff daddy

    duff daddy Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    exmark1-- Yea i did it mostly myself i had a buddy help me with some of the body work, i did most of the painting and payments lol.

    Mysticlandscape-- yea i did have the windows tinted rear is at 28% and fronts are 30% looks good now, thoes pic's are old, right now i have some new fender flares to put on, bed rail caps and also have all teh striping and "screaming diesel" on the back and sides

    gotsnow?--yea unfortunatley thye dont make a head set or push plates for a triumph :gunsfiring:

    KGRlandscapeing-- yea, its got 180k on it lol... run it till it dies haha
  12. rjfetz1

    rjfetz1 Senior Member
    from CT.
    Messages: 640

    I think it looks awesome - great job - love the new style headlights. You going to repaint the bike too??:dizzy:
  13. duff daddy

    duff daddy Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    haha thanks for the kind words, a naw im not gonna paint hte bike, i was actually gonna paint hte truck that blue to match the bike lol... i may just say to hell with it and buy a harley lol