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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by EPP200, Oct 9, 2000.

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    Hello everyone. I have spent the last few days reading the posts on this site. I have learned alot. This message board is GREAT. This is my FIRST year snowplowing. I have seen Chuck's webpage (and have ordered his book, should be arriving soon I hope). I also just received an application from SIMA and will be joining that this week (especially after all the great things I read in this forum about SIMA).

    My question is: SIMA offers a video for beginning snowplowing. Has anyone seen it? Is it worth purchasing?

    Looking forward to snowplowing and networking with everyone. It is very comforting to know that there are many out there (on this site) that are willing to help out those of us that are NEW to snowplowing.

    Sincerely, ED
  2. John Allin

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    If you're just starting out, the video is worth it. Professionally done, to the point, no B.S., basic.
    Best video on the market today, for the beginning plower.
  3. Matt

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    EPP2000 Totally agree with John, starting out or new employees will benefit greatly by the video. Also show it to all plowers just to get everybody thinking about heir routine when plowing. Hopefully we (SIMA) will have a more advanced version out next year. Thank you to Kyle for his time and professionalism in this video.
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    Yes it is a good video. For first time plowers, or even as a refresher for 2cd year plowers it really fits the bill.
    And Kyle did a great job, but there were alot of other people who put alot of time into the video also. Just not as near as much time as Kyle did. I did volunteer to go the the UP and plow, but seems I didnt get to do the fun part.
    Now that brings another point up, do we really like this stuff so much that we will actually give up a week of our time, just to plow it for free??
  5. GeoffD

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    Hey send a guy up with a camera. I show him stuff that you see in maine, that you won't see anywhere else. Basicly i show you the wrong way to plow. Plowing snow accross the street ( i don't do this one, however everyone else does), plowing 6 to 8" of snow at a time ( residential only), useing sand ( i use some salt), having a 12 hour route ( some guys have 18). I guess on the good side i could show you how to plow a road, we do a lot of that and are very good at it.

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    We purchused the video and tihnk it is great. We are going to make all of our drivers watch it. It is basic, but it show some points that are some time missed.
  7. John Allin

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    It was meant to be basic. And, Kyle didn't do it on his own. He did have help. Alot of it.

    We have plans to do more videos, but we need someone to step up to the plate and pony up the $40,000 or more to get it done. Some manufacturers have expressed an interest, but so far, that's it - interest.

    We're working on some people to help. Interestingly enough a couple of manufacturers called me after the video came out and read me the riot act about how the video only showed Fisher and Western equipment. I let them moan and groan for awhile, and then asked if they wanted their equipment in the next video. All excited, they emphatically stated that "they sure did". Then I told them what it would cost, and the tune changed.... fast.

    So, we will see who makes it happen for real instead of just groaning about who's equipment is being used.

    I'm not bashing any vendor, because it takes big bucks to do up a good video. It's just that some were throwing stones before knowing the score.

    Glad you liked it. It IS great for beginners.
  8. iowastorm

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    Good job for giving those whiners a bit of their own medicine. John: can I be you when I grow up?
  9. John Allin

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    You wanna be a short little fat guy too ???
  10. AB Lawn Care

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    I'm not a member of sima(yet),becouse I don't a will not own a plow truck for a year or 2.I do residential snow removal with my mowers.But when I take the step up to the plow truck,I will most likely join.I was wondering what the video instructs new people on????What are some of the things that the video teaches???
  11. Matt

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    I am sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone with just mentioning Kyle in my above post. There were a lot more peaple involved with making the video than most peaple relize, myself included. Thats the nice thing about sima is everyone doing a lot to improve our industry to be respected. I am sure that if asked most of us would not hesitate to help the association as we would be helping ourselves as well as our fellow plowers.

    Harper Enterprises
  12. John Allin

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    If you're not in a plow truck, the video won't do you much good. It is for beginning plowers in trucks. Nothing about snowblowers or using other type equipment to move snow. Now.... when you are ready to move into a plow truck, the video will be golden to you as it will alert you to some of the mistakes that rookies make. It will just eliminate some of the learning curve, which is good because then you won't necessarily have to "learn from your mistakes". You'll make enough other ones without having to make the basic ones first.

    And, with the current method you are using to move snow, you may want to wait abit before joining SIMA as (unfortunately) we probably can't do much for you in your current stage of growth. However, if you are seriously considering making the move up - then SIMA is for you. Until then, you might be able to use the money in other areas that will give you a better return on your investment.

    But.... We ARE there for you when you are ready !!!