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To you more experienced plowers -
I am starting a snow removal business and am looking for some advice.
I just purchased a 2000 Chevy Ext.Cab 1500 short box 4wd with the Z71 package. The dealer said that there was only one plow that would not void the warranty (or that I could use and still have the transmission covered under warrenty...per GM). I believe it was a Meyer. (?) I only plan on doing residential plowing, but I guess I would not turn down commercial if the opportunity came up.
I plowed for one winter back in MN with a 3/4 ton ford diesel, so I am fairly inexperienced.
Any advice on which plow to put on my truck (which is also my personal vehicle) and how it will hold up being that it is a 1/2 ton? I've seen the fiberglass plows out there...any opinions on those? Do they make a fiberglass wing plow?
Thanks in advance -

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I have a 1996 Z71 1/2-ton, and I put a SnoWay 7.5' steel plow ( ) on it. I like the SnoWay for several reasons:

1. It's about 100-150lbs. lighter than most other plows.

2. It has a "Down-Pressure" system that helps CONSIDERABLY when back-dragging.

3. It's all hydraulic. Not hung on a chain (No boucing up in the air when going over large bumps.)

I've put mine through some abuse this year, and it's performing perfectly. I am having a few problems, but they are installation-related.

As far as plowing with a 1/2-ton goes, no it's not the best idea, but it's far from the worst. If you're not going to have a spreader on the back, I would recommend putting about 300-lbs. in the bed of the truck all the way back against the tailgate. This will help off-set the weight of the plow.

Hope all of this helps.


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Go find a Sno-Way dealer in your area. I'm seeing the new style GM trucks with Sno-Way on them around here so I'm relatively sure they are factory accepted. And your warranty will depend greatly on the attitude of your truck dealer. He's the only one who knows what you do with the truck, if he submits a claim it will most likely get accepted by GM. If he's a jerk and makes an issue of it you need a new truck dealer.


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I saw a 2000 short bed chevy with a 7.5' meyer and it was slammed in the front. Go with the snoway, and look into a set of load boosters.

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