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New to snowbear... Help With Cherokee

Discussion in 'Snowbear Plows' started by hardtorn, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. hardtorn

    hardtorn Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    Hey everyone...
    I just picked up a used Snowbear plow for my
    1996 Jeep Cherokee sport.
    I bought it off a guy for (what I think was a good deal)
    That included the plow, superwench, rolling stands, all the electric hook up's
    and mounts for my Jeep Cherokee.
    It's not in perfect shape... but will be just fine for my small drive and my mom's place.
    I don't know what year it is...

    I'm going to post picks for some help.
    I was told buy the seller that the plow and mounts came off of a 1995 Jeep Cherokee.
    He said they would bolt right up to my Jeep.
    I got under my Cherokee today and can not figure out how these things will "bolt right up".
    I have no Instructions. The Snowbear web site has some crappy... little starter guide with
    some pictures. No real help at all.
    I'm pretty handy with auto repairs and tools... maybe I'm just not understanding how these mounts hook into and around the unibody.

    So.. Questions..to start with...
    Can I get real install instructions for the mounts?
    Can some one tell me by looking at the pic's I have if these are the correct mounts?
    Is the brush guard going to be in the way of the install of the mounts?
    From the pic's I have looked at... I thought I could leave the brush guard in place.

    Any help would be great...
    If someone has this set up on a Jeep Cherokee of the same body style as mine...
    Please take a few pic's under your Jeep... that would be a great help.





  2. Snowbear-Man

    Snowbear-Man Inactive
    Messages: 37


    You can print out the installation diagrams for any mount at snowplowsonline ,com[/SIZE]just go to the mount guide pick out the mount you vehicle needs and then go to the mount order page pick out the mount number nad click on it and a page will come up that says

    "click here to view mount diagram"

    Then view and print --you do not have to buy a mount to view and print Snowbear Mount


  3. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
    Messages: 986

    It's the wrong mount that one is for a 93-98 Grand Cherokee

    Here's the links

    GC Mount

    Cherokee Mount

    Never had a Snowbear but had 2 Cherokee's and the mount for sure didn't look right to me. You should be able to hit up a welder and use the mounting for your brush guard as a basis for the mount.
  4. dodge dawg

    dodge dawg Junior Member
    from mpls,mn
    Messages: 1

    you will need to take your skid plate off, then that should fit.
  5. hardtorn

    hardtorn Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    Ok... Mod these or sell them...or?

    dodge dawg... You said if I drop the skid plate off... it should work.
    I don't see how that could be after looking at the 2 different set's of
    mounts... they are very different.
    Please explain...
    As for what other options I have.. I will sell these mounts... or cut them up some way to bolt them under my year Cherokee.
    I'm not sure How much extra bracing is needed to bolt up the cross member.
    (as someone has said above)
    I may try to bolt the cross member under the bumper some how attaching it to
    the brush guard I have on the Jeep.

    Any other help would be great...

    I also have a 3 inch lift and some after market suspension parts on the Jeep.
    Nothing crazy... as you can see in the pic's.


    I'm a little pissed that the guy told me these were the right mounts for my Jeep.
    OH well... I guess more
    I still got a good deal.
    So long as I dont need to buy "new" mounts... thats $270.00
    out of pocket.
  6. 1PapaDock4

    1PapaDock4 Member
    Messages: 32

    You may not have to buy the new mounts for $270.
    I just bought a mount for my jeep wrangler for $252 after shipping charges from realtruck.com.
    I know its only 20 bucks, but its better then nothing at all.
    Just my $0.05 <-- Stupid inflation
  7. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
    Messages: 986

    The lift will mean you'll have to drop the mount to compensate for it anyway so you might as well modify the mount you already have.
  8. hardtorn

    hardtorn Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    Mounting support....

    Could you guys who have used a snowbear polow let me know how much support
    the "factory mounts" really provide to the vehicle frame?
    I looking add "moding" the brackets I was sold with the plow.
    I might just figure out a way to botl them into my brush guard (as someone said)
    The Brush guard is really just mounted on the end of the unibody.. over the bumper... I don't thing that would be enough support for the plow in respect to pushing snow & lifting the weight of the plow.
    I would think that some type of support needs to go back under the unibody to work in the way of leverage when the plow is in the air so that the weight of the plow is not pulling straight off the end of the bumper/brush guard.
    Also I could see that when pushing snow the fact that the plow has a much lower center of gravity than the frt. bumper/brush guard could the cause pressure to be distributed in a way that could cause the frt bumper/brush guard to be pulled away from the vehicle in a leverage type of action.
    If the plow cross member take on much of the need support for the plow... then I may be able to just mount the cross memvber to the brush guard in some way...
    I need to do a little more research...
    This site is great... butt his section has just a few of us with these plows.
    I may look a bit more at a Jeep Cherokee site and see what they have to say as well.

    Thanks for all your help so far...
    Take a look at my pictures od the Jeep brush gurad and tell me what you think...
  9. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
    Messages: 986