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New to snow removal, Eastern Iowa

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by AESnow, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. AESnow

    AESnow Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    I am new to snow removal, from eastern Iowa. I understand that prices will fluctuate based on difficulty, size, number of cars in the way, etc. what is the base going rate for commercial snow removal in eastern Iowa? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. BossPlow2010

    BossPlow2010 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,069

    Do you have any equipment, if so, please list it.
  3. AESnow

    AESnow Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    just a 3/4 ton plow truck, skid loader, and a couple snow blowers.