New to site, looking for some insight in the business


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Hello Team, I'm new here, currently I'm a residential owner in Central New Jersey with a commercial unit ( Ariens Rapid Track professional 32) and was thinking of making a few extra dollar's snow blowing residential homes in my spare time. I don't want to invest in a truck/plow set up nor have a CDL license,l I'm not fully experienced in this field and would like to gain knowledge from you experts in this field. I plan to get a new compact/sub compact tractor(Kubota or JD) and with a rear plow and front blower combination for my residence anyway..

I would like your expertise in purchasing a utility trailer and small pickup truck to haul my snow blowers around if possible. As mentioned, I'm already helping my elderly neighbors, average driveways around me are about 100 feet 2 to 3 car wide.

The average rate in my area is $65 for a two car driveway no salt applied. This would also be a good experience for my son who is 15 to learn the business as well.

Any advice you can give is appreciated in Advance.



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Welcome to PS!
If you are just going to use a walk behind snowblower I would look at a midsized truck.
Easier to load,the ramps,don't need to be so long.
As for the tractor, what's your budget?
There are lots of options for attachments only limited by your budget.