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hey everybody. i've been scouting this site for a while now really trying to figure out the plow business. i have had great success in lawn care and we have been considering plowing for the last few month's. but to tell you the truth i dont know if i want this kind of a gig.maybe it's locking a consumer into a $250 a year contract never knowing if it will snow ( it's december 21st and no snow in mi.) i watch the news all the time and hear people complaining about snow removal guy's.if anyone has some hard strait advice please lend it out or even better some quality document's ( sample contracts, bidding index) all of this would be great.
thanks in advance
jonathan daniel
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If you're near me in MI , then I think you probably shouldn't plow, just send all your customers to me ! :D

Seriously, if I didn't enjoy it first of all, then I'm not sure I would jump into it as an added service. There is obviously money to be made in it, but I wouldn't consider it easy money.

Too many contractors around here just don't take it seriously, and that is exactly why you hear about all the unhappy customers. If you are serious, and its something you enjoy, then all those unhappy people you see on the news are just potential customers in your eyes. :)

I also strongly recommend SIMA, especially for the technical advice from those who have been around the block a time or two.

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I can relate 3yr in the lawn biz and went full time this
season but needed winter income. So bought new plow&salter
trucks all ready to go but not a flake of snow yet.
This being my first year I decided to only take on 20 of
my own accounts (lawn customers) and subcontract for a larger
company to learn the ropes. Paying me $65.00 per truck hr.
and learning how to plow&salt big commercial lots like K-Mart
My residentials seasonal price avg. is 280.00 and its invoiced
over 5mo. period everyone payed nov. premeum (no snow) and
they paid dec. premium (still no snow) now were getting ready
to bill everyone for jan. premium.
I kinda feel like my cutomers feel like there paying for
nothing but I have to be payed regardless to cover overhead.
No money for overhead = no equipment for when they do
need me.
Im just scraping by now even had to pick up a job
to get through this drought of snow were in.
so yes Im praying for snow so I can ditch this 7.00
meijers job and make some real money. At least I have plenty
of time to work on next years game plan for the lawn season.:rolleyes:

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Most customers are much less worried about it than you think. They realize we may have a month like last Dec at any time, and that is what they are paying for. Its snow insurance as well as snow removal, and nobody would call their insurance man and ask for a refund because they didnt get in an accident last year.

Remember, that on a huge winter they wont be calling and offering you extra money either for your added time and expense.

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