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New to Plowing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by RickO, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. RickO

    RickO Junior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 23

    This a great site, from what I can tell, you guys have a wealth of experience. I have a few questions.

    1. I'm getting a Boss 8' straight plow installed tomorrow. Do I need the deflector?

    2. Has anyone ran the Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO on a plow truck. It out scores the Goodyear Wrangler AT/S in almost every category on Tirerack.com? Curious?

    3. Does a 10 ply vs. a 6 ply tire make a big difference on a plow truck. The REVO comes in both but the 10 ply is about $40 more per tire.

    Feel free to answer all or one or None :)
  2. yellowsnow

    yellowsnow Junior Member
    from midwest
    Messages: 25

    I'll answer #1. The deflector is nice. When I get on a lot I'll have my window half down usually unless its super cold. Keeps snow from flying in the truck, and you wont have to clean your windshield off after every push.
  3. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    Regarding tires:

    I have no experience with the specific tires you mention, but you want to look at a few factors for plowing. The best would be if you could have (afford) tires dedicated to snow - generally designated M&S (Mud and Snow). These have softer treads that will shed snow to some degree allowing the truck to bite into the snow and give you better traction. They will usually have "sipes" or small cuts all over between the treads. Again, this is for tire flexibility and traction. The downside for M&S tires is that being softer, they will wear faster on dry pavement so usually you will want to swap them out in the Spring. For a year round tire then go with an All Terrain (AT) tire. Get as much tire as you can afford.

    The number of plies indicate the load that the tire will carry. So, if all you have is the plow, six ply is plenty. If you're carrying a sander in the back, then you'll want ten ply tires.
  4. NJ Plowman

    NJ Plowman Senior Member
    Messages: 794


    I will give it a shot and answer all your questions...

    1. Yes, you absolutely need the deflector!

    2. We run the Goodyear 10ply AT/S's and they are THE BEST tire we have ever ran in the last 10 years. They are fantastic! Never tried the Bridgestones thought.

    3. Without a doubt go for the 10ply over the 6ply. The only drawback is the 10ply only comes in blackwall as opposed to the 6 ply coming in both blackwall and raised white letters. With 800lbs of extra weight up front the 10ply sidewall doesn't flex as much as the 6ply and they are almost impossible to puncture. Worth EVERY penny of the extra money!

    Well, hope that helps you out... :drinkup:
  5. danno

    danno Senior Member
    Messages: 401

    I second that motion with the GOODYEAR WRANGLER AT/S. Can run in 2WD most of the time, because of them.
    The only drawback with 10 plys are the ride. Feel like your riding on rails, instead of rubber. Even with them aired down.
    Although, it`s also because of the narrow width. 235/85/16.
  6. RickO

    RickO Junior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 23


    I did get the deflector and I will get 10 ply tires. Thanks for your help guys.