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    New to the forums obviously lol
    Looking into getting a plow for my truck. Never had a plow before. Although I have plowed before. But I wouldnt go as far as to say I'm a pro. Anyways I just quit my full time job I was on the east coast. I'm in northern California now for the winter. Thinking i might get into some snow removal business till spring I'm heading to Alaska which is were I'm originally from. So just want to create some work for myself till then. I think i found a nice little package for my truck. It's a snowbear package for my 2004 mazda b4000. Any tips or advice before i spend a chunk of change would be appreciated
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    You should sub for somebody since your just passing through. Don't go through the expense of setting up a business. Is that truck 4 wheel drive?
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    Yea its 4 wheel drive. Your probably right though I should do that before I put more wear and tear on my own truck. Shes still got to make it to Alaska lol
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    ^ I have a Mazda b3000 5-speed four-wheel drive. My only tip would be to always use four-wheel drive low. it's just my opinion but I think regular four-wheel drive is a little too much strain on the truck. I have a snowex LT 7200. You can see it in the thread with the photos of small rigs. Good luck to you and post a pic of what you get.