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Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by 4JeepNuts, Jan 31, 2011.

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    So I broke down and bought an old Jeep w/ a plow to do my driveway. It is a Meyer I think an E-47.

    Brought it home and messed around some. It seems when I angle right it floats back to center but when I angle left it stays left. Is this a bad check valve?

    What type of Hyd fluid should I use?

  2. MosesR

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    Go to the Meyer thread. It helped me a lot when working on my C8 with E60.
  3. 04tundra

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    this happened on a buddys of mine brand new plow set up, it kept moving over a little each time he went up and down...turned out it was the controller that was at fault.
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    I got a 1976 F250 Tow truck with a Plow and after 5 good storms,2 thrown generator belts(it has ford & a G.M.) a blown power steering hose and a broken weld on the plow frame , my Speed cast won't tilt right , unless I go out and do it on the Plow it's self. After all the Snow and more coming, I'm just Glad she still is able to plow my 300 foot drive and all works as it should! The Beast LIVES!!
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    Sounds like a bad valve... Use hydro fluid meant for plows so it dont freeze...