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I'm getting a Western 6.5 blade installed on my 1997 Jeep Wrangler. I've been in trucking for 28 years as a driver and in the office and I'm getting out! Since I'm just starting out, I thought that signing on with a contractor for the first year would be the way to go. What would I look for? I've contacted a couple of insurance companies about coverage. Is liability all that I would need? Would a contractor offer any coverage? Haw about work comp? Is there a network of contractors in the Chicago area that I could contact? Thanks for helping out a "plowhead" wanna be!


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Welcome, I have been plowing for a few years now. I started by hauling around a 4 wheeler with a trailer. I moved to plow trucks, to front end loaders, to intl. salt truck, to my own plow. This will be the first winter with my own plow truck. I started with something that was not a big investment. 86 F250, Western Pro plow conventional mount 8'6". I have added an addl. $500-800 into the truck to get it up to snuff. I contacted the contractor I usually work for and let him know. Now I just need to wait for the snow to start falling, and him to call me.

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Welcome to Plowsite, plucnik. For insurance, you want to get:

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Obviously covers your vehicle, but also covers damage to and by other equipment attached to the vehicle. Like running into the customer's car or garage door.

General Liability Insurance: Covers completed operations. For instance, you complete plowing, leave and someone slips, falls and sues. The owner and you will be defendents. This is where good records come in handy as the suit may not come for a year or two.

As a sub, you will still need both insurances. Generally, whoever you sub for will want to be named on your policy and they would keep a copy on file. The contractor would not offer you coverage on his policy. That could imply that you are an employee. You will need Workman's Comp only if you have employees (you can not be an employee of your own company). Be glad - WC is based on payroll and very expensive. In fact, WC is what is keeping me from considering growing enough to need employees.

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