new to plowing, got a few questions

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  1. bigal3639

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    i am 17 years old and have a silverado 1500 4x4. i am looking to get into the plow business to make some extra cash doing some residential drives and MAYBE a few commercial once i get going. is this going to be more complicated than i think? i just want to get some people in my community, tell them i'll do their driveway whenever we get XX inches of snow for $XX, maybe shovel the sidewalk too, then be on my happy way :). i hope everyone says it'll be that easy, but i have a feeling it won't.

  2. deckboys

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    insurance... thats the big thing...
  3. JB1

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    you've got to have the right shovel or it's all a waste.
  4. OP

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    what kind of insurance would i need, and how much?
  5. CuttingEdgeLS

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    check with the cities you will be working within they may require a license to do snow removal and usually will list insurance requirements for doing such services. It really depends from city to city I know around here between the few cities we work within the insurance requirements are not all the same.
  6. JDiepstra

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    Keep in mind it might be x inches for x amount and you might need to up it to xx inches for xx amount if you get a big storm, know what i mean? also, no offense, but you are only 17 and have no idea what you are doing so take it slow and easy or you are gonna be going thru someones garage.
  7. OP

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    Yeah, I don't want to have to pay for a new garage door or anything, so I'll probably do my driveway and other family members just to get the hang of it at first. The truck I just bought came with a plow (01 ram 2500), so I figured I'd take advantage of it and try to make some extra cash. I figured it would be more complicated than I thought, so I'll just take it slow.
  8. Mackman

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    I got my 1st plow truck when i was 16. I didnt have ins. didnt worry about contracts and that jumbo. I just got some driveways plowed them got paid in cash when i was done and moved on to the next one. Now looking back thank god nothing ever happen or i would be up to my neck in ****.
  9. dodge15004x45.9

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    It can make for some long/fun nights. Lol this is my first winter plowing and I have my asked my self a few times why did I get into this? Your gonna have bumps in the road and I have had some my self. If you know anyone else that plows around your area ask to go out with them see how they do it wont hurt and might learn something. I didn't but its not a big deal if you do or don't. I know I learned how not to swamp my plow. I did that last storm ******* sucked ass and odds are your gonna need some kind of comerical policy to cover that plow and your ass.
  10. icemountainwv

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    bigal3639,you must be doing ok,to be 17 and have a silverado 1500 4x4 and a 01 ram 2500. I'll bet insurance already costs you a bundle.
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    I caught that as well and was waiting for someone else to as well. Just curious, which truck is it?
  12. OP

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    haha you guys are smart. :salute: you caught that before i did. i just now realized that. anyways, my dad has an old silverado and he wanted to sell it to me for just plowing (less wear and tear on my truck) cause the ram came with the plow but i was just gonna put the plow on the silverado, but then i realized it would just be easier to keep it on the ram cause it came with the facory snow plow prep and its more heavy duty.
  13. JTVLandscaping

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    Been there, done that...scary to think how lucky I was back then.
  14. AMS snow

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    Try talking with an independent Ins. agent, they seem to be able to shop around all companies for the best price. Also, google small business assosiation, it's a goverment program to help you set up your business. You can get free advise (legal, insurance, business plan) from proffesionals in your area. I don't know how far your looking to take it, your young and the sky is the limit just take it slow.

    STIHL GUY Senior Member
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    try working for another landscaper for a few winters just so you can learn some stuff and get some experience before going out on your own
  16. Trucknut324

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    Dont worry about insurance, it'll cost you too much when your first starting out. be very careful plowing and always keep some extra cash laying around incase something does happen, also for unexpected truck repairs. Im 17 right now and this is my second winter plowing.
  17. forbidden

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    ^^^^ Don't mind that I won't take your suggestions and I would recommend that nobody else does either. Is it worth paying for something for the rest of your life over no insurance? Do you think that the customer or person that has an accident based on what you did will not sue your a$$ off? What if the customer insists that you have proper insurance coverage, are you going to lie to them about it? Having insurance protects you and your customer. DO NOT PLOW WITHOUT INSURANCE.
  18. Slushpuppy

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    jesus dude ....2 mil insurance is less than 2k a season. have fun paying out of pocket when your personal auto dont cover your accident because there is a plow on the truck and your using it for commerical use. or some one slips and falls and sue's you
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