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Arctic Snowplows is a local Canadian Snowplow, Galvanized Spreaders, and Hitch Mount Salter manufacturer exclusively for pickup trucks (half-ton, ¾ ton, and 1 ton), located in London ON since 1969. We offer our Snowplows in three categories: Poly, Steel, and Stainless Steel. We have a full line (various lengths and style) of Straight plows, V plow, and WING plows that is suitable for nearly any application (commercial usage, residential usage, and personal usage).

Our Snowplows are dipped in Galvanized Zinc Coating that guarantees the corrosion-free feature and longevity of the product. Poly Snowplows consist of a 3/8” rolled frictionless orange skin that allows easy rolling of snow (even wet snow), having less wear and tear on the vehicle and improving the fuel economy. Steel Snowplow consists of 10 ga rolled stainless steel skin (14 ga for our lightest blade) that is welded onto the blade structure used for commercial application. Stainless Steel Snowplows uses 304 stainless steel 12 ga skin. All our snowplows come with a Curved Deflector that maximizes the rolling of snow while stopping the snow from coming onto the windshield ensuring safety while plowing. Our Snowplow also comes with replaceable shoes that take all the beating when the plow is down on the ground ensuring less wear and tear on the cutting edge.

Below are some pictures attached for our plow-truck setup, would really like to engage with other members and hear out their opinions about the product.
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