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new to estimating for plowing, thoughts pls

Discussion in 'Bidding & Estimating' started by urbanappeallawn, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. urbanappeallawn

    urbanappeallawn Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    okies here we go!
    so its just for what is outlined in yellow, we have all sidewalks taken care of just lookin for where the cars go

    thoughts if it should be higher or lower, thinking doin a per push rate or possibly working out an average and charging a flat monthly rate? could work well and could work bad some months

    thinkin this, tell me what you think, constructive criticism only, here to learn not be treated as a child

    fyi apparently here it snows average of 52" a yr

    relative break down of weather here

    here is the scenario..its snowing so head out 2" on the ground clean it up $100 but still snowing, come back when its stopped or within the next 24 hrs another 2" so another $100 or whatever amount and corresponding price

    per push pricing just have the time cuz thats what im thinking it will take, got a 1500 4x4 with a blizzards 7600hd plow

    1 hr is 100$
    1-2" 1hr 100%
    2.1-4" 1.5hrs 150%
    4.1-6" 2.0hrs 200%
    6.1-8" 2.5hrs 250%
    8.1-10" 3hrs 300%

    what are your thoughts what would u charge? higher lower? getting a plow for a 2nd truck thinking the blizzard speedwing but not sure ...either way im basing this off one truck even tho we will have 2

    as a side note not a whole lot of places to put snow except on either side of entry ways there are large blvds and all of the ne side of the building there are no walks...maybe toss it up there?

    only prob is how do most of you deal with parked cars, we would be here at night...cars wont be gone till mid morning, how do you bill for that usually?

    lets hear em!