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north carolina
Hello every one. I am in nc and we don't get snow on a regular basis. BUT we do a lot of commerical accounts and keep snowed pushed with skidsteers and tractors, we had one 12 incher last year. We are going to buy a plow asap to put on a 89 f250 4x4 gas truck. We have a Myers and a Snowway dealer here. I was wondering

1, how hard to install the mount on the truck.
a, how many holes do you need to drill in the frame????

2, which brand will work better for us?

Thanks inadvance for your help, I know this sounds stupid to you real snow guys. But we could use some good advise. thanks again

southern snow, what a trip!!!


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Don't know anything about Snoway but I've got 9 Meyers and have installed over 20 my self over the years. I just put one on my brother inlaws 89 Ford X cab Diesal. Drilled 2 5/8 holes. Simple. I'll answer questions if you end up with a Meyers. Good luck.:)
Haven't seen a Snoway mount for a Ford,but if they are like our chevy's,then they are pretty simple,no drilling,uses existing bolts or holes.

I would take the Snoway over the Meyers,especially with the down pressure system.

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