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Chief Plow

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upstate new york
I just used my new tarco 8' high lander jr spreader for the first time last night. I feel like the proud papa of a new baby. Wow, that worked good, well worth the investment. I just got tired of loading bags in the tailgate model. Now, my other trucks and guys will get that job..... Great season so far here...........Good luck Another storm tonight 4-8" ........


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Oh come on, you no it's more fun to go out in cold wet snow/sleet and frezing rain to open up bags of salt to put in the spreader. HA HA HA I never did have a tail gate speader but I did have an old hiway spreader with a cable controls. It never faild that the cable would freeze and I would have to get out to get the thing going. Now with fisher spreader, I only get out of the truck
for coffee.
The only thing funner than new toy's is the cash it brings in.


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Good luck with your new sander. I bought a snowfighter combination sander from Tarco this year and it's working great too! If yours is built at all like mine, you'll be real happy with it.

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