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Discussion in 'SnowSport®' started by 18lmslcsr, Dec 9, 2010.

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    Hi all....

    Its a new snow season rev'n up.... How many folks are still using there SnowSport?

    I'm still going strong. The 1St blade failed on both underside edges nearest the rubber box ends. I called SnowSport and they were absolutely the best. Not only did they stand behind there product, they did it in style. Gr8 company to deal with.

    That was the beginning of last winter. The blade is now starting its second winter with me.

    I've had numerous people show awe and wonder at this plow.

    Here's my baby as of this week.....Thumbs Up


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    That's a nice setup on the jeep. It's good to hear that they were so good about a replacement, thankfully mine hasn't had any problems. Don't have any pics right now but I've already used it 3 times in four days, we're usually just outside the major lake effect but it came further inland the last few days. We got about 18" over 4 days. The first time was about 10-12" and it did great, mostly cleanup the rest of the times. I've had to plow with the plow on the back in reverse because of a problem w/ my 4wd, not as bad as I thought it would be. I've had mine since 2007 and it's still going strong. Had it on my 98 tacoma and now on a 02 4runner. I've actually had to plow in 2wd so far because my 4wd isn't working. I'm getting it looked at next week, hopefully it's not something major. I keep an eye on these boards and suggest Snowsport to anyone who is looking for a personal plow to plow themselves and friends/family. I must sound like I work for them, just really happy with the product.
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    Would you mind posting more pics of the winch set up? I am nearly done with mine, but would like to see yours as well. I went with the ATV version of the superwinch so I could have a remote switch in the cab, I got a good deal from amazon outlet on a return.

    I have one of the original 1 piece HD units, the "goal post" as I call it is a bit diffirent. I was originally going to do a attachment to the pintle section like you did, but I evntually went in a different direction.

    I'm on my 5th season with the plow. This will be my 3rd season doing a couple driveways for some cash. Considering I got the unit for $500 off of ebay it has more than paid for itself!
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    This is my third season with the SnowSport. Last year I took the plow off my PowerWagon. The PowerWagon was a beast... far too big for me to drive. Heck, I could hardly see over the hood.

    The '93 4WD Ranger is a much better rig for me. It pushes the snow just fine. I did adapt a wired 12volt HF winch to the uprights to lift the plow. The winch controller is wired into the cab, nothing fancy, no extra light, etc.. It's worked fine this year.

    Once I get the CJ7 running (sigh... someday), likely put the plow on it...
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    I'm thinking about putting one on my '99 Wrangler. I have a 425' paved driveway that is relatively steep with one curve near the top of driveway. Looking at the picture from OP, it looks like the two black end pieces don't allow the blade to make contact with the ground? If so, how much snow is left on the ground after you make your pass?
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    The blade does make contact with the ground. Normally, it floats up and down on the push frame.

    It can be secured in the holders at the top for transport.
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    I actually don't have the end pieces on installed on mine, never did. I didn't think it seemed to make much sense to have the angled push frame to push snow to the side but then have the end pieces holding the snow in. Have been using it since 07-08 winter and no issues. I have a gravel/dirt driveway and plow another one that is mostly gravel. I have read other posts that the end pieces do sit lower than the blade so that the blade is about 1/2" off the ground.
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    98tacoma, I can see how this is a good plow for a gravel driveway that is relatively flat. Have you ever used it on a paved drive? My concern is without down pressure, I'll leave an 1" or so on my paved driveway. It would make it difficult to make the turn and head uphill towards my house. Not so much for the autos in my family (AWD and/or 4WD), but for other non-4 wheel drive vehicles. I could take the ends off like you did, but still wondering how close it will scrape the pavement. Also, what's the highest snow depth you have pushed?
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    The plow will not leave an inch. It will leave a coating that will quickly melt the next time the sun pops out. I usually spread some ice melt with my buddies grass seeder (thats what he gets for storing his crap at my house).

    I've pushed quite a bit of snow. the blade does a nice job of rolling it up. The big thing to remember is you get what you pay for with this plow. It is fairly inexpensive, but not really designed for heavy duty applications. From the description of your driveway non 4WD vehicles wil lhave troublt no matter what you do. If I were you I would also look into a trailer hitch salt spreader.
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    the only experience I have plowing paved is our road at the end of the driveway and it gets at least as close, maybe closer, than the town plow. In other words, if I push my snow across the road, the part that I did is better than the rest of the road. I've never plowed with a "real" plow so I don't know if it would do any better. I've noticed other driveways on my road that are plowed with "real" plows and they leave a thin layer of snow behind as well, I don't think that any plow will scrape down to bare concrete. The two drives I do are both hills and can get icy after I"ve cleared them, mostly due to weather, if it warms up, they start to melt then gets cold and freeze again. I've pushed about 10" with it, never had any problems.
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    Thanks for the quick education guys. It would strictly be for personal use. I could see moving most of the snow to the driveway sides with the snowsport and then make a run down both sides of the driveway with the snowblower if necessary.
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    There are limitations with the Snow Sport HD! I've cussed more then a few times about crap being left behid on the gravel, pavement. But, as I think about the amount of work this lil blade does and the amount of cash I've saved and really cant be beat. I have started to lean toward the ideal that it is time to get a full hydro drive plow....but the cost keeps it difficult to reach.