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New Scoop Plow

Discussion in 'Hiniker' started by bigearl, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. bigearl

    bigearl Senior Member
    Messages: 393

    I bought a new scoop plow to go along with my V





  2. Outdoor Pros

    Outdoor Pros Member
    Messages: 51

    Nice looking plow! Just ordered a 9' one myself yesterday to compliment my 8.5 VF and 8.5 C-Plow.
  3. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    Bout time you showed up ,you get lost?
  4. bigearl

    bigearl Senior Member
    Messages: 393

    Canadian gps
  5. kandrts

    kandrts Member
    Messages: 30

    is that a new one or used one? because it has the old headlights
  6. bigearl

    bigearl Senior Member
    Messages: 393

    It is a 3 yr old left over No one around here wanted it . So I got a good deal.

    THEGOLDPRO PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,136

    I have always liked those scoop plows. Looks nice Earl.
  8. hlntoiz

    hlntoiz Senior Member
    from NW, CT
    Messages: 588

    Why wouldn't you get a speedwing?
  9. bigearl

    bigearl Senior Member
    Messages: 393

    Cause the Hiniker dealer is 5 minutes from shop and the Blizzard dealer is 40 min
  10. DuraBird02

    DuraBird02 Member
    Messages: 76

    Nice plow! We do not have any Hiniker dealers in our neck of the woods! Western/Boss/Fisher is all we have to choose from!
  11. Snowzilla

    Snowzilla Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 397

    On a side topic... Did you do anything special in mounting the frame bracket on that truck? I see some 2003-07 Silverado's with the lower valance notched where the mounting forks are. Yours appear normal. I was considering using my '03 2500HD to move my Hiniker to but don't want to chop up the plastic.

    Do you have any issues with clearance when mount/dismounting plow?
  12. DareDog

    DareDog PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,438

    so that is why i see about every plow truck in Oneida with a hinker on it.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2011
  13. G.Landscape

    G.Landscape Senior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 851

    Nice looking plow, I have been looking into them more, let us know how you enjoy it over the season

    Speedwing has too many moving parts, we have had nothing but issues with our blizzards
  14. BPS#1

    BPS#1 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,421

    Nice looking plow.
    I like my hiniker just fine so far.

    I picked up a used hiniker scoop this summer.

    Plowed twice with it.
    The two storms were real heavy/wet and didn't stack worth **** with the scoop.
    My sub has a hiniker V that stacks quite well.
    I'm assuming that the scoop edges were holding the plow down with the weight of the heavy snow?????
    Any body else plow with a scoop and can comment?
  15. BPS#1

    BPS#1 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,421

    Big Earl I see you have wear bars on your plow.

    Can you comment about them, pros/cons?
    Are they worth the $85 the dealer wants?
  16. hlntoiz

    hlntoiz Senior Member
    from NW, CT
    Messages: 588

    Seriously???:rolleyes: Keep telling your self that. I guess that is why DD bought Blizzard. they wanted to be in business to sell more parts.

    NICHOLS LANDSCA PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,362

    No cutting required or clearance issues

    Yes put the curb guards on 2 reasons. 1. When you are fully angled and running a curb it will rub the lower outer edge without the guards. 2. The cutting edge will wear square (no smile) I can show you pics of cutting edges with and without curb guards and how they wear.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2011
  18. bigearl

    bigearl Senior Member
    Messages: 393

    No issues
    goes on and off fine
  19. bigearl

    bigearl Senior Member
    Messages: 393

    Curb guards are worth their weight in gold , and 85 is a good price I paid 100 for mine.
  20. BPS#1

    BPS#1 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,421

    We're talking about two different things.

    After I posted I noticed they were curb guards.

    The wear bar is a different item that Hiniker sells.