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After putting the V box back on the truck about a million times this winter I had an idea. Why not make the V box into a trailer? Sure it would be more difficult in certain spots, but I can think of a bunch of reasons why it would work. Less wear and tear on truck. No moving V box every time you need the truck for something else. Higher capacity. You can trailer a lot more than you can carry in most trucks. Less rust from sand shooting under the truck. Higher visibility out the back of the truck during plowing. It wouldn't be that hard to build one. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

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This idea sounds good "on paper" but I am pretty sure you will grow tired of maneuvering a trailer around when servicing your lots - unless you can salt/sand without having to back up. By this I mean if you are sanding large lots where you have enough room to do "laps" around the property.

At my workplace we have a couple of welding machines that we tow behind the trucks. They are pretty short, as I'm sure you would build a V-box trailer. The shorter the trailer, the more of a nuisance it is to back up.

Having the trailer on when plowing would definitely get old fast! Just not practical to be going forward/back with the trailer on, especially a short one which "jack-knifes" so quickly when reversing.

As an alternative, I'm wondering about ways to make installing/removing your V-box easier. That way it would be less of a headache every time. One thought would be to have a framework you can back your truck under, with a hoist (Chain come-along should work) to lift the spreader just enough so you can drive out. Then block it to take the load off the framework until you need to hook on again. What other ideas do you have out there?
Why are you pulling the V-box on and off all the time ? Just leave it on.If you really do need to get it on and off,build a truss from a couple of 4x4's and use that to pull it off and keep it suspended till next time

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Our vee box goes on my son's daily driver, so he likes to be able to shed it when it's not needed. We came up with removable legs that it perches on when it's not needed. The legs slip into receivers on the box and you lift the spreader with a bar that fits into pin holes in the legs. you can lift 4" at a time, so two trips around with the bar and it's floating free. Takes less time to lift it than it does to undo the turnbuckles that hold it in the truck. Maybe pictures are in order.


Its funny that this discussion came up when it did. Just the other day I saw a contractor around here with a V box on a trailer. Now I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don't see any advantage to this over a truck mounted spreader. The trailer that this guy has must have been strictly built for the spreader, it has no decking just frame work with the spreader sitting about 3' above the axles. I know that you can trailer a lot more weight than you can truck, but you can only put so much in the spreader because of the volumn capacity. Unless this is a new spreader that this guy put on the trailer ( doesn't look like) it is a spreader that was on a F150. I quess we will never find something better if we don't look, but I think a easy on/off system would be more advantageous. If we find out this is a good idea we will all be eating crow.

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I considered a trailer mounted vee box at one point. But I saw too many problems to take it beyond the wild idea stage. A vee box unloads from front to rear. As a result the box would transfer weight to the back of the trailer as it unloaded. At some point the tongue weight would go negative and you would have a VERY squirrely trailer behind you on bad roads, NOT a good situation. In addition I'd be kinda nervous about a heavy trailer behind a truckt hat was nose heavy if you had a plow on. I could see that thing passing you at the first opportunity, again NOT a good feeling. What I can see a possibiliity in would be to have an old vee box on a trailer as a nurse tank that you could load and take to a central location in advance of a storm and then load off that to fill your spreader, either vee box or tailgate unit. Would be easy to do with a small engine and hydraulic system to power an unloading auger. Come to think of it, for you guys with tailgate hoppers, this might be a way to get into using bulk salt without having to have any major equipment. It would be pretty easy to come up with a dedicated unit to nurse your small spreader.

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Alan - you bring up good points here. Personally, based on my own experience with our tow behind welders I think the nuisance factor of a trailer mounted spreader would outweigh the advantages of not carrying it around on the truck all winter. The easy on/off idea you mentioned would be the way to go IMO. Your "nurse tank" idea is a good one also.

If you do decide to go with a trailer spreader, site, my advice would be to have a trailer - built for the spreader - with an axle close to the back of the trailer and a long tongue. This would keep lots of tongue weight on the hitch even as the spreader emptied. Having a long tongue on the trailer will also make it easier to back up. Good luck!


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This has raised my curiosity.

At our airfield, we have v-box's mounted in the back of our single axles. Now that I think about it, the idea of a trailer for us would be practical.

We run wide open spaces, so turning around and backing up is not a concern. I like the idea for a few reasons.

1. During the storm, we run the trucks with spreaders empty because the weight is a hinderence when driving at high speeds or when trying to push back the windows at the edge of the 150 ft runway. By having them in a trailer, we could have them 'pre-loaded', and simply send any of the trucks back to 'hook up' and start spreading.

2. Could pre load, and keep inside. This way, we could load the spreader, park it in the shop, and if we don't need it, don't have to worry about unloading it in between storms.

3. summer storage - obviously much easier to just park the trailer than trying to unload/load the spreader and finding a place to put it.

4. lower height - we use sodium phormate (comes in 3000lb bags with a shoot like system) and have to lift it 22 ft in the air with the loadall to get it in the truck spreader. We could use a small machine, like a 580 case with forks, to unload the bag, and would be MUCH safer, as its scary standing underneath a 3000lb bag of salt hitting it with a sledge hammer because it won't come out.

Ok, enough, I'll say that the idea has a lot of merit, at least in my situation......thanks for the ideas.


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Steveair - this points out the value of a forum like this. Place an idea, others post their ideas and pretty soon you come up with something good. Keep the ideas flowing everyone!

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