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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by John Allin, Mar 19, 2001.

  1. John Allin

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    Got 10" of snow this past weekend.

    We are now 7" away from breaking the all time snowiest season at the airport (record is 142"). We have already broken the record out at the interstate (315" now).

    More snow for this coming weekend.

    Even I'M ready for spring now......
  2. Yardworks

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    John, Are most of your contracts seasonal? If so what do you figure for inches and snowfalls when making bids? Do you have clauses for hauling snow away and for maximium inches of snow the contract price is good for? Or do you just consider the long term effect, where over a 10 year period things will average out. I've been told to have a mix 50/50 of seasonal and by the push accounts to cover your butt both ways. Right now I do all by the push which was great this year, but almost to good. The doller amounts very high for some accounts almost to the point of overwelming for them. But they know that it averages out (good years, bad years) but I hope this year doesn't scare them into going the cheap route in the future. I guess sometimes I have to much a conscious for some aspects of service based businesses. (i.e. how much service is worth)
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    Way to go John.
  4. OP
    John Allin

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    Here we are 5% seasonal contract, rest are per push. Two accounts are hourly.

    We have yet to 'haul' snow here. Parking lots are designed for storing and stacking. Lots of stacking. Stacking is extra.

    Looks like alot of the east coast will get one last bang this weekend.

    Then it's time for a vacation.....
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    I'm with John I'm ready for a vacation. Even more so is my truck. I don't know what I would do if we had 300" of snow here. It would take atleast 4 good winters to see that amount. I wish some of the lots around here were designed for snow. Way to many with all the green space out front and a poarking lot stuffed in the back with no green space or even an empty part of the lot to stack snow in. Or one spot to pile snow but has a row of bushes in front of it. I wonder what some of these companys are thinking when they design sites?