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New Pull Plow?

John Allin

PlowSite.com Addict
Erie, PA
Nice looking plow - but, no way I'm paying $25 to look at their video. There's other products on the market that don't want me to pony up dough to "look" at their product.


Senior Member
Still haven't bought the idea of dragging a plow behind a truck. I guess the spreader should be put in the front? Hmmm, sand then plow . . .


Stamford, CT
I agree with John, I refuse to pay $25.00 to see a video on any equipment. If they want to sell it bad enough, send the video out free to everyone that asks for one.

If the product is that good, they will recupe the cost of the video when they sell the equipment. Hell, the price of the video is already figured in the price of the plow.


Senior Member
This the one I saw while browsing the other day and thought It really looks easy to reproduce for my own use using an old plow blade.


Senior Member
Because I am abreast on all snow-removal equipment pertentant to my business, I have sent the REFUNDABLE $25.00.

Obviously the thing is a toy that I would never use, but there may be 1 or 2 good aspects about it that I can apply to my custom-built equipment.