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new Polycaster spinner assembly non-fit

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by DeereGuy, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    I installed a new 7' Polycaster yesterday. I was disappointed with the fit of the spinner assembly to the v-box. After inserting one side pin, the other pin would be off by a half inch or so in two directions. The only way to fit the pin was to lever up the side with a 2x and while keeping pressure, banging the side inward with another 2x all the while, another person had to have pressure on the pin to slide in when the position lined up.

    Now, I realize that the molded parts are not going to be perfect and the thing has probably been on a pallet for a year plus .but... $3900. later I'd say I was a bit unhappy. Slim chance I'd be able to do it by myself. I do work by myself.

    Is there a good fix. I did not want to start drilling or modifying anything thinking perhaps a few sunny days may align things better. I'd cook it in front of a woodstove if I had one in my garage.

    I have not run it yet and will try it today but a few things that bugged me from the outset. Carbon steel spreaders/ wire grill supports. How long will they last. Wiring unprotected from the spinner assembly. Installation instructions not included with the unit... Seriously..

    No drag chain Stainless V included with the unit. An Extra? I've had a Stainless Snoway V-box for the last 8 years. License plate adapter extra. So I have to pay extra in order to not break the law.

    I do like the simpler wiring, the capacity and the controller. I run straight treated salt and will run it without the v inside and see how the motor does after driving around with a full load for a few hours compacting the salt weighing on the drag chain. Any Idea if I will need the v? I'm not optimistic. Thanks

    Oh, and the loose ,after thought, retaining clips included to keep the pins in place. This a pc of winter equipment. We are working in the snow and the cold. I can appreciate simple engineering but not in this application. Sprung fixed pins could have been used with out any additional expense with a little practical consideration. Yup, I'm tough.... To be fair I will report back in a few storms on the units performance. Any ideas on the pin fit issue would be appreciated. I will download the install pages off the website and perhaps that will clear the wiring proximity to the moving parts issue I have.
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  2. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    No takers, that's fine. Reporting back on my experience thus far to be fair. I filled the hopper with salt and drove around for 2 days, emptied and took off the chute assembly to see how I would fair putting it back on. It did align a lot better but not perfect. I counter sunk the chute side pin holes a bit and this seemed to allow the pin to engage a bit easier with some lifting and movement of the chute. It is working without a sledge hammer now which is great.

    I did have a storm a couple days ago and the unit spreads straight treated salt well. The dual motor controls do well to put down material at all widths and densities. I was satisfied with the time savings it will mean for me. I don't like the fact that the chute is unwieldy for one guy to remove in order to empty the spreader if salt is not needed. I liked my old swing away chute for it's practicality. I do like the poly spinner. It tends to self clean better than the stainless one on my old SnoWay.

    My material does bridge a bit if left in overnight so perhaps a vibrator is in order. I will run it this way for the rest of the season before I spring for it though. I will have to get the license plate adapter as well. I still don't like loose parts or parts that can get lost or stolen easily. I have not changed my mind on that one

    I may add some hardware to allow one point for taking the the unit off with some loader help. A big bungee could facilitate that I suppose. I must be getting old, and although I can take it off and put it on by myself the handle placement is not ideal at all, which does not help.

    Also, I was contacted by a Fisher Tech Rep after a few days and I did appreciate the follow up to this posting.

    What I'd like to see with a unit like this that barely fit in my shortbed is a better way to fasten it. I literally have almost no room to reach my tiedowns. I can not easily take it out like my last unit. If I had known that it would be this tight I probably would have gone to a Stainless V of some sort. I think a male female slide adapter where one piece of shaped receiver plate is bolted to the bed and the other one is on the Spreader on the cab side for engagement would be a great selling point. The unit would only have to engage not capture and straps could be relagated to the tailgate side only to hold down and in. Sort of like a tractor trailer plate. the engagement would have to be around 3 or 4 inches in order to deal with potential strap give or it could have spring loaded locking pins. The kind that can't get lost.... The plate engagement would disallow the cab side from shifting side to side or from lifting. A slide in capture would be easy and cheap. How about it Fisher?
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  3. RepoMan207

    RepoMan207 PlowSite Fanatic
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,039

    I wish I had seen this the other day.

    A buddy of mine (Mossman here on the foroum), and I both just bought bought new polycasters this past month, and have the same issue with pin allignment. I've been too busy to complain, or look into it. I don't think it's right myself...not sure what the deal is. I looked at several used units prior to buying and, and I didn't notice this issue on them.

    I don't think you'll need the inverted V kit, from talking with some other guys that run them, they haven't seen the need for them over the years. I think it's a non issue for now.

    I don't care about the plate situation myself, although I do think that it should be something that is included. I'm not going to bother installing one. if I get spoken to about it....I'll buy one and install it...but for the quarter of the year that this will be in my bed...I don't think it's an issue. I do however find the need for the work light. I don't think I'll go with their kit, rather make an extension harness for my current ones on the back rack, they already run off my up fitter switches now, and I prefer to keep it that way. No sense adding additional wiring and a generic toggle switch.

    As far as emptying out, just set the gate to full, turn the spinner all the way down, and crank up the drive chain in front of the supply pile...you should be able to empty out rather quickly without spraying material all over.

    Some of your mounting and securing scenarios are a bit past my.....tastes, we'll say. Not sure what you're running, but I have enough room in my short bed Superduty. I even built a spacer for the front section, which gives me added room for a shovel, snow broom, chain...and whatever else I may need to haul around....within reason of course.

    I Love the sander, I'm concerned about the pin alignment, and I need to build a horizontal hoist for it, it's not as easy as I had thought to pull it in and out by myself. Rhino lining doesn't help! Moss has a bed liner, and it moves alittle easier. Cris cross the straps and build a spacer out of 2x8 as per the install guide. That's all I got for you.
  4. peteo1

    peteo1 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,660

    We got one new last year and had the same problem with the pin alignment. I did notice however that this year they were much easier to use. I'm guessing its because we stored it on pallets and let the rear of the spreader hang off the pallets like it would when its on the truck. If I remember right it didn't come that way so it probably took some time to level itself out. We've had zero problems other than the chain that runs the spinner, but that was our fault for not fluid filming it.
  5. Moss Man

    Moss Man Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 535

    Overall I have been pretty happy with mine, but to be fair I've oy used it for two storms so far. The first time I put the chute on I noticed the pin alingment issue, but it wasn't that bad. On mine the chute can be moved around to facilitate the pins sliding in, but the clearance is so tight you can't see in there to actually see the pin end or hole so you can tell which way you need to move the chute. I've installed the chute 3 times now and it takes around 10 minutes to secure it and plug it in. I recruited help every time I took it off or on, it's not that it's too heavy, it's just awkward and when your lifting it up to reach the upper pins it ends up being high up when your by yourself.

    I have the same box/brace set up in front of the sander that RepoMan has thanx to his generosity and it works slick. I just hook two straps to the rear tie down points on the sander to the front bed tie down loops in the truck, that seems to secure it pretty well. I have a plastic bedliner so the plastic to plastic contact does allow for some slight movement. I plan to have a sprayef in liner next year, that should help. My neighbor sits a rubber mat under the back of his sander that drapes down over the bumper, that keeps the salt off that whole area.

    I'm on the fence with the inverted v plate. I let the sand sit in the sander for a couple days and it took awhile to get it to come out. I dropped the plow and the vibration from thst broke the sand loose. Both times I used it there was sand left on the small shelve at the front on the box, with a little brake/throttle action it finally fell in. My neighbor has two of these sanders for commercial use and he is of the opinion that the vibtrator is not necessary, he didn't add them.

    The sander will lay down sand quickly and the controls do make it easy to get the pattern you want.

    I'll chime in as I use the sander more.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013