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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by naturalawn, Jan 3, 2001.

  1. naturalawn

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    Ok Ive never plowed but I am serious about getting one, my question is which one. As a long time poster from the lawn mowing side I know the vast knowledge that is contained here on thie board.
    I have found only two brands that are close enough to consider the others are over 3 hours away.
    The brands are Heiniker and meyers.
    Being that I dont know diddly about plows may I have some comments please.
    Like I said these are the only ones that are carried with in an hour and half drive.
    Thanks Jim
  2. plowking35

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    from SE CT
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    Well given the fact that those are probably the two brands that no I would not normally recommend, given these are you only options, I would suggest the meyer plow. In your limited amount of services needed, it should last a long time, and parts will be easier to come by.
  3. NEAL

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    Go with the meyer.

  4. JCurtis

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    My choice out of those two would be the Meyer.
  5. John DiMartino

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    Meyer,but keep a spare motor,and trip spring ahndy,especially the trip spring.
  6. Psyclopse

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    Another vote for Meyer- they will most likely be the easiest of the two to find parts for when you need them.

    Also another vote for spare trip springs.
  7. john r

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    Somtimes a little extra ride is worth it in the longrun. Don't sacrifice quality for time.
  8. Jason_S

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    We plow with a Hiniker, it works just fine. The new C Plow looks neat. Would help /w backdragging. Check it out at their website.
  9. Greenkeepers

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    Of the two I would recommend the Meyer.
  10. John Allin

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    Grudgingly.... I too would choose the Meyer, if those are your only two options.....
  11. DJSnow

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    Of the two choices, the Meyer would be the better choice.
    However, the BEST choice is the Boss because of the easy attachment and removal. Lights and all detach with the plow. It would definitely be worth the drive to get one!!
    Haven't heard much about the Heiniker, but the Meyer and Boss plows are relatively close in price.
  12. 9FT.PILES

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    No need to quote the entire original post.

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  13. plowguy06

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    I would also recommend Meyer. My city's service department uses Meyer Plows as well as Fishe rand as far as I know, both work good for them
  14. Henry

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    I don't know much about the Hiniker, but I think the Meyer plows suck. It must be the shape of the moldboard or something.I was told that Meyer is in the plow "parts" business.
  15. kutnkru

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    We use Western Pro Plows because they are not as harsh on the vehicle.
  16. sam c

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    It`s intersting to see all your votes going to myers. and for his situation that may best. here on the east coast fisher out numbers all other brands 10 to 1 ! with all of the heavy wet snow we get the moldboard trip type brands just don`t cut it. or should i say "push it"
  17. cutntrim

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    One of our plows is a Meyers. It came on the truck when we bought it (used). The original E-47 pump was completely unreliable. Buy an 8 footer with the E-60 pump, and some plow wings.
  18. MJ

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    sam c - The original post was that the only choices were Heiniker (sp?)or Meyer and that he is from Arkansas (not a lot of snow). Several did note that their recommendation was among those two. Personally, I'd recommend traveling a little further for a Fisher.

  19. plowking35

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    from SE CT
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    I can give a whole host of reasons why not to recommend a fisher, but I stayed with in the parameters of the ? asked.
  20. Iceman

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    Never used the Meyer or Hiniker. Here in central Mi. our Western Pro plows and Fishers have done a good job for us with minimal repairs and I guess if I had to drive to a dealer 2 hours away to get parts for one, I'd still stick with them. Besides, what parts can't you get today next day air?