New Plow or Not????


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I am about to get my Sno-Way 7 1/2 ' installed on my Dodge 2500. The question is I was wondering if that plow would be to small and light for my truck. It is the HD with 345lb payload, 8800lb gvrw and 14000lb gcwr with the 4.09 axle. I was wondering if I should install it or go with another plow this year. I want to know before I install it and realize I am overpowering the plow. It will cost around 600 for install and mount so I figure I am 1/4 the way to a new plow anyway. I was thinking of a 8' boss or western. Any opinions?

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One option might be to trade your present moldboard for an 8' or 9'. I traded a 6'8" for an 8' a few years ago, both were used and all I paid was the difference in retail costs between the two. Of course, our dealer is pretty accomodating about such things, but it's worth considering.


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If you would have another use for the plow in the future, I'd put a 8.5' Western, straight or V depending upon your budget. Notice I said "I would."

You could make do with the 7.5', but it really isn't ideal. That truck will take a pretty hefty plow if you use load boosters, so weight should not be an issue. That 7.5' plow is perfect for a Dakota, S-10, or Ranger in my mind. If you decide you want to sell it, I could possibly be interested if it could be bought at a bargain price.

Could you make do with a 7.5' plow. Certainly. Is it the ideal, not really. You will have to make the final decision, but you certainly won't "overpower" the plow. At full angle, I am pretty positive that a 7.5' plow will leave you driving in unplowed snow, especially with Ford's turning radius (or lack thereof). I own Fords, but I do know some of their weak and strong points. Good luck and let's hope for a great winter season in Illinois for a change! :drinkup:

Edit: Doh! I just reread your post and see you were asking about putting the plow on a Dodge and not your Ford. Sorry, saw the picture under your name and was thinking Ford.
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