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    Just read an article in the local paper. Wish I woulda thought of it.


    Entrepenuer in Montreal, Canada has arranged to ...
    Ship several thousand tons of snow to Puerto Rico. He is going to be charging $30.00 per family to enter a refrigerated center to build snow men and have snowball fights.


    Snow making machines on 4wd trucks with rear drag plows? This way, we can charge people to make snow so everyone can have a White Christmas... and then, we can charge them again to remove it, so we can have a green christmas!!!

    America, what a country!!!!

    John Allin, Wanna start another profit center ? LOL
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    By the time it got thewre the ships hold would be one solid block of ice.

    This idea will go as far as the guy who was going to tow icebergs to Africa for drought relief.
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    Actually the snow making idea is\has been done. I can't remember where but I did read an article a year or 2 ago where a company had a portable snow making machine and if temps were cold enough, you could buy yourself a white Christmas for a fee (or for whatever other reason you might want snow in your yard I'm sure). I'm crazy enough about snow & winter in general that I'm sure that company could sell it to me. I haven't seen a white X-mas since... well I don't even remember. I do remember that the article made a joke about someone (maybe that company offered it with the package?) having to plow the driveway after it gets covered.
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    There is a company in my local area that makes snow from home owners that want a white christmas.

    And who was kidding about charging them to plow it after they made it? I wasn't... I am serious. LOL

    NEED SNOW HERE SOON !!! Or I am gonna go postal on someone.

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    I just read an ad last week about personal snow makers. I think the price was around Can$13000
    We have a snowmobile club here that makes it's own snow for the trails when there isn't enough natural snow. It's a privately owned park, it's near Algonquin Park. It's pulled behind a Gator and shoots it the width of the trail.