New mirrors for one of our mason dumps

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We have a 1997 Superduty, older bodystyle, while one of our trucks were parked someone clipped one of our mirrors and took it off. The truck is gonna get repainted in two weeks, I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations or sites where I can buy new mirrors? thanks
I have a friend with a 97 F350. He put a set of west coast mirrors on his, like the ones on larger trucks. He used the lower mount that came on the truck and then used the upper mount that came with the west coast mirrors. They have much better visability, and surprisingly, they really look good on the truck. They are chrome and heated.



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I have a 95 F250 I put a set of those large stainless west coast tractor trailer type mirrors on and love them, I can practically see my trailer hitch.. They were really wide, so I redrilled them to pull them in closer to the truck... But combined with large blind spot mirriors and you wont even have to turn your head... JC whitney has them, I got mine from a local truck place. I think AW direct has them too ...