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"New" Mini-Lightbar

Discussion in 'Strobe Lighting' started by breadoflife, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. breadoflife

    breadoflife Member
    Messages: 85

    Well, we needed a new light for our plow truck because my mom went to put the plow into the garage at our old house and the garage door didnt open high enough...nuff said lol...well i came across a mini lightbar on a cab from a ford pickup that was in a side impact accident...well, i picked it up for fifteen bucks and it works... the only thing is that the reflectors wobble a bit...is this normal? it doesnt have really any effect except that there is more noise... but after i cleaned it up it works great, one helluva deal for $15. its a Whelen Responder II...mag mount but i sunk 6 screws through the base and it aint goin nowhere...nice and bright...was visible during the day, but i wanna see if i can maybe upgrade it to fifty watt bulbs...any idea how to fix the wobbling reflectors by the way?
  2. Shortstuff

    Shortstuff Member
    Messages: 94

    I have a new Whelen Guardian halogen rotator and as soon as I got it I opened it up and put a lot of white grease all over the workings which quieted it down some. But as far as the wobble goes, perhaps a thin metal shim of some sort to take up the slack??? Hard to know what would work without looking at it first hand.

    Good deal though!