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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by plowguy06, May 12, 2001.

  1. plowguy06

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    i was looking through the forum and saw new member designations. could someone decipher these for me?:confused: :)
  2. guido

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    I think

    I think they go like this, but I'm not sure

    Lawnsite rookie
    senior member
    lawn site addict (1000 posts)
    millenium member (2000 posts)
  3. MOE

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    :mad: I'm very insulted. Though I hardly post I am one of the longest members here. You see what they call me ? "new member" !!
    I guess I'll just have to start posting some ford-chevy, urethane blade, magic salt, meyers-fisher, diesel-gas, trip edge-blade stuff to get some respect around here. I read just about every post since this site opened just because I don't post doesn't mean I should be degraded. Hey Chuck how about creating an "honorary addict" category for those of us who just lurk gleaning all the great useful knowledge
    without making alot of noise?

    ( You see what happens when there's 3 months without snow ?
    My shrink says the withdrawal symptoms will go away by November untill then please pardon my outburst.
    Thank you for being so understanding.)

  4. administrator

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    There, are you happy MOE ? :D

    Anyone else wants a custom title there will be a setup/service charge of $1,000 :blob3:
  5. MOE

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    Wow that was quick !!
    Thank You ! Thank You !
    I think I just broke out of my depression. I will be eternaly grateful.