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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by cowboy, Nov 30, 2000.

  1. cowboy

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    Hey guys,

    just got my CPW catalog in the mail, and on the back there is a new Hiniker C plow, info:

    I have read on this forum that Hiniker plows might not be the best, but this new c-plow, essentialy rotates to become a backdrag plow.

    this looks like a pretty awesome device, same price as V-Plow.

    Just want your guys opinions on Hiniker plows/this new C-Plow if you have tried it?

  2. SlimJim Z71

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    Honestly... I don't see it doing much better than backdragging with a normal plow. If I were going to spend the money, I'd get a V-plow.

  3. Lazer

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    What you do is buy the plow of your choice (Right now that'd still be Boss for me) and you get the locking cylinders.

    Then, you modify the RTIII Rapid Tach so you can activate the Quick-hook switch from INSIDE the cab as well as on the column. That'll give you DOWNPRESSURE which'll clean WAY better than that contraption Hiniker calls a plow.

    PLUS: with a V-plow you can drag backwards in the V-position and it'll cradle snow (somewhat)
  4. OP

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    so what your saying is that a v plow , backwards in the v position (hard to explain with words) is almost as good as a regular plow in regular forward plowing?

    hope that makes sense


    PINEISLAND1 Veteran
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    OK Lazer-

    You gotta quit coming up with all these new ideas. You're making me feel inadequate here!

    Does that really work on the Boss V's?
  6. DaveO

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    OK Lazer,

    You obviously have got wwaayyyy too much spare time, to keep comin up with these ideas!!! LOL

    Like the downpressure one...

  7. SlimJim Z71

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    Or... just buy a SnoWay. Honestly, I'm really happy with it.

  8. John Allin

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    Lazer needs some snow to bring him back to reality....
  9. n y snow pros

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    If Heniker cant keep there straight blades together (and i know),i feel sorry for the guy that buys the Heniker c plow.There v plows bend at the site of snow.Oh and yes Heniker my telephone number again is 845-485-4200 please call me so we can fix my 3 Heniker plows which were under warranty when all there problems started.I will not go away until you call me and im sure this bad press dosnt look good so call me so we can put this to bed!
    PS if you dont call im taking the thankyou part back
    John Parker
    186 Cottage Street
  10. DaveO

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    Henniker Problems

    So John,

    Are you saying that you had a PROBLEM with your Henniker Plows under warranty, and they WON'T resolve the problem??

    Just wanted to make sure I understood correctly.

    Too bad, Guess I won't consider them an option...LOL

  11. BRL

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    I was looking at buying one also. I guess I'll have to look at another brand that has a better warranty reputation after this review. I'll be sure to tell my 2 other landscaping buddies that were looking at them also. Thanks John.
  12. John Allin

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    For what it's worth (and it is not an opinion), I've had numerous people tell me that the problems that John Parker has with Hiniker are not isolated, but rather widespread.

    It's only what I've heard, not from personal experience as I don't own any Hiniker products.

    DYNA PLOW Senior Member
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    i thought about a new Hiniker to ,but then again
    Walmart has these heavy duty plastic shovels that should be equivelent and cheaper to!
    (even have a warranty)
  14. GeoffD

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  15. Chuck Smith

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    Take a look at the "piano" type hinge on that C plow. It's got a 1/4" or 5/16" pin running the length of the blade. Looks a lot like the door hinges at the high school I worked at, and kids beat them to death.... needless to say, they didn't hold up well....

    As far as not honoring warranties.... When guys like John Parker, John Allin, Geoff, and myself tell you Hiniker is not such a good choice, you might want to think twice, three times, four times.... awwww just forget Hiniker! I'll take my 20 year old Meyer ST 90 over a free Hiniker!

  16. BRL

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    Now THAT"S an endorsement, or an unendorsement in this case!!
  17. John DiMartino

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    I would listen to what John Parker said-stay away from Hiniker.I know of one guy with one,and its all bent up after 2 seasons,his 7 yr old Fisher is still in better shape,I like Boss,Fisher,Western,Diamond,and even Sno-way's arent that bad,but ive had bad luck with Meyer.
  18. diggerman

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    Lazer I have to admit your down pressure idea has me rubbing my beard,wandering around the house,saying something educated like "hmmmmmmm".I was thinking about a back blade which I sort of need but don't want,so your idea has really peeked my intrest.