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New Jersey General Liability Insurance - update

Discussion in 'Business Fundamentals' started by Ben/Insurance, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Ben/Insurance

    Ben/Insurance Sponsor
    Messages: 166

    Attention NJ landscape/snow contractors. The carrier we are working with for our General Liability program has notified us that we are allowed only 4 more GL policies for the year end so if we have already given you a quote and you are "on the fence" about switching or haven't called us yet for a quote, don't delay as you will miss out. This program has been a great success since its introduction in October. If you are a residential landscape contractor that performs snow removal services, have prior insurance with zero claims, this is a terrific policy. "A" rated, licensed carrier, payment plans with zero interest, top quality coverage, and rates are incredibly low. We service all of the policies and provide quick certificates. Our NY program iis unaffected by this quota, it's still wide open, with no limit. For a quote or information, call Ben Palmeri at 516-233-3515 or BPalmeri@Archerins.com. No Brokers Please....