New Jeep 4xe



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I just missed that post completely. Apologies. Those numbers were from 2012-2018. Honestly I’ll probably never charge this Jeep away from home but there is a free Level 2 charger 5 min from my house. Next to a Culver’s so I may charge while eating there a few times. Things have progressed so far so fast with this type of technology…

“Of those who switched, over 70% lacked access to Level 2 charging at home, and slightly fewer than that lacked Level 2 connections at their workplace.”

As I said I’m having a Level 2 charger(Juice Box) installed at home in a few days. I’ll put some pics up when finished. Takes 2.5 hrs to charge the Jeep. Level 1 charger(regular wall outlet) takes 15-16 hrs. I’m spending way more than I’ll ever save on gas plus the cost of electricity, but I bought this for the fun of it. Something different.