New Holland L200 Series / new Case (skid steers) - Issues

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by PrecisionSnow, Feb 7, 2013.

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    After considerable research, experimentation and debate we leased 8 New Holland L220 skid steer loaders in the fall of 2011, and a sub contractor purchased a Case SR175 this summer.

    We also utilize another 7 Bobcats from a 751 to an S300.

    Last winter the machines performed quite well. The didn't get any use this summer.

    This autumn they had a full dealer servicing which amounted to $550-600 per machine and at that time they had 130-180 hours on them. The dealer also performed a recall service on the units which involved the engine belt/fan pulleys/etc.

    Since then all has gone downhill. We have 210-280 hours per machine and in the last 2 months have experienced:

    - 2 complete engines failures. Both engines were removed and brand new ones installed. Time to complete: unknown as only 1 has been finished.
    - Approximately 12-14 broken belts. Apparently the recall went poorly.
    - Alternators have to be re-installed with a new bracket and them shimmed. Several alternator failures so far.
    - Complete failures involving electrical issues: who knows what or why but they have to be dragged back to the dealer to have work done.
    - Windshield wiper motors: 2 failures so far.
    - Door hinges: several failures where the hinges corrode and snap.
    - Seat sensor/seat belt issues.

    In summary: 9 machines x 240 hours on average = 2,160 hours with 20+ major failures.

    The New Holland district rep has been totally useless. He/she has missed the last 3 meetings, albeit 1 was due to bad weather.

    What's up New Holland / Case??? :mad:
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    WOW ! This is good to know ! …. A buddy of mine has been looking to upgrade his 1845 C Case into a New Case Skid …. Are you finding this is leaning more to the NH side or the Case end of things ??

    Dealers out West here claim that even though they are supposed to be the same similar units with diff paint, they say they are Not !
    Who do U believe ? Hmmmmm ??

    If I had to guess its on the NH side after owning a former JD/NH hybrid machine, it was the JD 8875 the NH equivalent was the Lx885 only difference was the motors and paint colours.
    Gonna be watching this one.
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    It seems the New Holland skidsteer were better built when they were teamed up with John Deere. Just my opinion though
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    Not so in my case ! …. It was the biggest POS that I've EVER owned, almost the identical electrical issues as described above including 5 grenaded starting motors which we found out was related to the crap solenoids that NH used in the default wiring …. the only the JD about the 8875 was the 3-cyl JD engine which never gave me any problems. ….All in just 1800 hrs

    It was almost the Happiest day when I sucked in the Bcat dealer to take it on trade :)
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    As of right now now we have 5 of 9 machines down for one reason or another. All have less than 300 hours. 1 machine has a door which broke off the hinges as NH hasn't figured out a recall for the poor hinge design yet, so we have 4 machines inoperable, and 1 semi-operable if we can close the door somehow.

    The fact we also have a fleet of Bobcats that seem to working (except 1 hydraulic line) will mean we don't have any problems for tomorrow but holy moly.

    Also, New Holland rep has been AWOL for 3 weeks now. No responses, no emails, no sympathy, no love.
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    All those machines would be going back to the dealer and I would be buying something else. They wont take them back? Well, guess its lawyer time
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    Not what I want to hear! I just bought a new l220 before christmas!:cry: My first ever skid 8.3 hrs on her now, so far so good! :laughing:
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    As posted before, I'll never :mad: go near a NH anything ever again , But am very shocked :eek: to hear that Case is going down that similar path too.
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    That sucks to hear. I've always been a huge fan of New Hollands lx series. Never had issues with the old 865's or thier cousin john deeres. Now conversely, I've never had good luck with bobcat. I've never even been able to get a good rental from them. Most likely it has more to do with the dealer itself than the actual product. I actually had a bobcat rep show up on one of my jobs and offer me all kinds of great deals. I told him sorry but if I needed anything I'd call Cat because they have always come through for me and never done me wrong unlike our bobcat dealer. I won't even buy grease from them if I'm in a pinch and close by. Like I said earlier though, its probably more our dealer than anything else.
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    Well as in my case, I am about 110 miles to the nearest Dealer anything, peteo 1, so i'm the one that answers to everything :mechanic:…. but after all the machine was a '97 model and was 2yrs old with 600 hrs on the clock when I bought it …. my biggest peeve was the stupid wiring issues like the dumb lap belt with the $400 price tag to replace it all because of a micro switch failure or that relay solenoid mounted on the left of the firewall behind the black cover, if you owned one you'll know which one, well only theirs will fit in there and I still had a used 90 day dealer warranty when I had the first starting motor grenade, the problem was that the junky solenoid would not disengage and keep the starting motor engaged due to the noise level of those machines you could not hear it dragging ….. I replaced it with the OEM one and it failed again I then juryrigged an after market HD solenoid and never had anymore issues, but that was after replacing 6 of them (starting motors)….. I mean if you want to talk about dealer support, neither JD or NH were able to figure out that issue ( I think that is in chapter 5 of the book I want to write, titled "Never Heard of THAT Before") ...… one time I was pushing up a slash debris pile and it stalled, hit the key and nothing, I was in the fire and stuck in the cab with the boom partially up, Thank God there was a guy tag teaming with me using a 966c loader and he hooked a chain onto me and dragged me out ….it was so hot that the plastic light buckets were melting like a hot candle !…. anyways to many bad memories $$$$ I could go on and on of the issues that revolved around that thing… when I traded it off it had a mear 1800 hrs on it ……….

    I'm not exactly happy with the dealer support we get from Bcat, but my A-300 Bcat (full pull every option available) has just turned 3000 hrs and is an all electronic machine controlled or monitored by 3 computers …. so far the most major thing to go wrong was the linear actuators a little costly but I was able to install myself and self program it …. those things are in all EHC machines, no big deal ~$600 for an elec/hyd controller not a lap belt for $400 … that was after 2400 hrs for the first one and @~2600 hrs for the second unit.

    When You're in Business the "3-T's" are……. " IF It Has T*Ts TIRES or TRACKS " they're all a Problem ! …. :drinkup:...:drinkup:...prsport
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    Second season with my L225 and 0 problems with the machine . I also have a johndeere 8875 with 4500 hrs on it and still running like new just got through putting 20" of snow from storm nemo
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    That NH rep is dropping the ball big time. You better be taking it up the food chain. Has the dealer been okay to work with?
  13. OP

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    LawnBoy2121: Good to hear your L225 is working well. It does have a different engine. Not sure what the other differences between the L218/L220 and L225 are.


    1) The New Holland Service Rep was scheduled to come to the dealership today. No show. This is the 5th cancelled appointment.

    2) Door fell off its hinges. They robbed parts of another machine to make it work. New Holland hasn't addressed the flaw in the door hinges, yet.

    3) Another machine went down on a route today. This will be the 4th time it has been towed to the dealership for the same 'mystery' problem in the last month. This makes 2-3 machines that have ghosts in them.

    4) The dealership had the gaul to suggest the operators may not be sitting in their seats properly. Hmmm. When their machines go down they hop in other units and never have problems. Neither do we with Bobcats, Komatsu, Cat's, etc. etc.

    You're awesome, New Holland. Especially when I custom ordered not 1, not 2, but 8 machines. And have given you every opportunity to start acknowledging problems and working towards resolving them.

    NOTE: So far I don't blame the dealer, unless gross incompetence on their part has been part of the problem. The dealer has seemed to work hard at resolving the problems.
  14. BladeBlowBucket

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    Out of curiosity, when you say the door fell off its hinges, are you saying the cab or door part is breaking off ??? if it is are the hinges made of plastic ??? trying to picture what this looks like :confused:
    Haven't seen one up close for a while, are the doors curved like the Bcat or flat as the old ones were ??? and the hinges used to hook in from the top down, which it did make for quick removal :drinkup:
  15. lawnboy2121

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    The 225 is a large frame. How did the door hinges break and where so I can keep an eye on them on mine
  16. peteo1

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    I'd return them to New Holland and demand my money back. Sounds like its time to go to the Cat dealer for some new iron.
  17. Neige

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    Sending them back and getting your money back is easier said then done. I really feel for you Kent, knowing that your new equipment will fail at an undetermined place or time is completely unacceptable. Does NH at least give you a replacement machine while yours are in their shop?
    Keep us in the loop, and thanks for letting us all know.
  18. JD Dave

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    This is exactly what happened to us when we bought 5 brand new CNH tractors in 2003. Problem after problem and these weren't small problems either. We told them we didn't want them anymore and wanted them at mimimum exchanged with brand new ones and we would even pay some of the difference to get rid of them. It still gets me uptight talking about them 10 years later. Hope you get things figured out, no matter what they do you won't be happy until they leave your yard.
  19. OP

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    The hinge breaks of the door frame. I think there is only 1 bolt per hinge and it is a heavy door as one might expect.

  20. lawnboy2121

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    Thanks for the pics I will keep an eye on mine . What breaks the bolts that hold it on