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New Haven CT Plow and spreader looking for work.

Discussion in 'Networking' started by PamelaRose, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. PamelaRose

    PamelaRose Member
    Messages: 31

    Experienced Plow Operator in New Haven CT looking for parking lot work. H.D. 1 ton duely w/6 wheel drive, 9" Fisher Municipal Plow and 8" AirFlow spreader. Send me a private message if interested

  2. PamelaRose

    PamelaRose Member
    Messages: 31

    OOPS Thats the one in the sand box.

    Yep jbrow your right. It was suppose to be feet.

    Funny story ... The guard shack at work has a small pile of dirt and rocks the fence guys never picked up. The guard put a Tonka Truck on top of it. Its perfect!

    Thank you for your :help: !

    It was a long storm. I think it was 3am after going all day. I was home to take a nap durring a lull.

    My Truck