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May 25th 2000 at Gunstock Ski Resort in Gilford New Hampshire will be a snow get together. <p>I think the New Hampshire Municipal and Public Works folks are the main people behind it. If anyone is interested please respond here and by Tuesday night I'll have more particulars. <p>My company will be there with a booth etc so if some of you guys who missed the open house at EW Sleepers want to see some of the new stuff early I think that this could be a good opportunity.<p>Vince

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Vince i am very interested in this show so if you could e-mail me at or post more info on this event i would appreciate it thanks.<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200

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Sounds like an other road trip.<p>Alan if you plan on going drop me a e- mail maybe we can hook up again.<p>Vince could you list some of the manufactors that will be there<br><p>----------<br>Todd <br>
Todd,John and everyone else,<p>Thanks for your interest. I know that were going to be there, but as I said, I'll get more information either Tuesday or Wednesday.<p>My problem is that I left the information on my desk when I left work on Friday, and I'm off for a short trip through Mass. and Connecticut tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday. I will be back at this machine Tuesday night.<p>Geoff, if you happen to tune into this note, I am going up to Skowhegan on Friday of this week to speak with Dave Kingsbury at Howard Fairfield. I already gave him your name should you want to stop by to see them.<p>vince
There are about 75 exhibitors attending the event on May 25th at Gunstock. It starts at eight in the morning and is over at two. Ssome of the exhibitors are:<br>Atlantic Plowblade ad Division of Atlantic Broom, Bobcat of New Hampshire,DeWalt,Artco Equipment Sales,E.W. Sleeper,Freightliner of New Hampshire, Grappone Truck Center, Howard Fairfield, Ingersoll Rand Power Tools, Pike IndustriesTarrant Manufacturing Southworth Milton (Caterpiller) just to name a few. it should be interesting. We have a ton of our guys there. <p>Anyway, if any of you guys got the time, it should be interesting. After this we got SIMA and then in September down in Roanoke Va there is the fall or winter meeting of APWA. American Public Works Association (East)<p>Looking forward to meeting some new faces.<p><br>Viince

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