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Like the subject says I am a new guy with some questions. I have a 2001 Reg cab, stepside Z71, 4.8, 3.73 factory locking rear diff, tow package, BFG 285 AT KO, No Auto track. I am planning on changing the front torsion bars to 3/4 ton 7200 lbs and the shocks to Bilstein HDs. What else should I do to make my truck ready to plow? I want to install a Fisher MD because they are manufactured in my home town so parts support is not a problem. I am currently in the Navy and I am planning on retiring in 20 months. I have not lived in the north for a long time and I know that things have changed. Thanks for the help.

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I'm assuming those BFG's you've got are "D" load-rated, so that shouldn't be an issue. Just don't forget to run them with more air-pressure when you have your plow attached. Another thing you might consider is putting ballast in the back of your truck. This will help in several ways: take some of the stress off of the front, as well as give you some more traction. You want the weight as far back as possible. I'm not too sure how the stronger torsion bars will work, but if it still sags too much, you may want to consider some Timbren load boosters. Otherwise, a good strong battery should be enough to get you going. I would also get some sort of warning light... as we all know, people just don't pay attention.


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