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new guy with another question....

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by insnow4fun, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. insnow4fun

    insnow4fun Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 43

    now that i kind of have the equipment thing, somewhat figured out, i am moving on to other aspects of lining up the business..... my question is now....

    is there a best way to set up the accounts. (per push, per inch, per event, etc?

    my issue in my mind is: per push seems to be a lil vague....i have (will have) a half ton with a 7.5' blade. i know that my plow truck wouldn't like seeing much more than 3-4 inches at a time. if i am pushing per push, and i go in at every two inches....the customer would be getting charge 3 pushes on a 12 inch storm, that someone else will would only push twice? am i right? is this just a lil detail that the customer might not see?

    if i push per event (24 hours) then if the total snowfall was 12 inches, and i used my $x for 2-4" and $x each additional inch, then i could visit the site as many times as i wanted for the same money. and the official snowfall would be published (nws) for the area. not questionable with the customer right?

    seems like i might be missing something. please help
  2. plowman350

    plowman350 Senior Member
    Messages: 125

    be clear

    Yes, you'll want to use the clearest explanations possible.

    For those who go per-push, you would definitely charge them every time you show up. You'll find that in a 12 inch storm, people won't want to wait until the storm ends for you to show up. So, you'll have to charge them twice. Just make sure they know this. Per inch gets a litte trickier. Here in SE Michigan, the weathermen usually give a broad range (tonight is 3-6 inches). Generally they're pretty accurate on the downtown area, but the suburbs which go 40 miles in all directions can have large variations in depth. Even 10 miles apart can be a big difference. Also, I have a couple homes which are positioned just so that when we have a northern wind, they end up with only a dusting on the drive when everyone else has 3 inches. How much would you charge them?

    So, I beleive that I'm one of the few out there to say this, but for all these reasons 100% of my accounts are per-season. I charge one flat rate, which is paid in full before I ever drop a blade. Make sure you know your average snow events, and just understand that some years you'll come out better than others. Same goes with per push/per inch. Someone always comes out better, but no matter how you do it, that will be true.

    My mortgage company doesn't care whether it snows or not, so why should my income depend on that?

    Just make sure you charge enough to compensate you for the bigger storms and figure you'll work a few more times than expected. Just my advice.