new guy saying hi

Hi all, new here, looks like a great site. Im in my 2nd season. I sub for a large company, I have 40 drives and a private road on my route. I run a 7.6 western on a 98 Chevy 1/2 ton long bed. Im looking foward to learning a lot from you guys.

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Welcome! I juggle plowing and a full-time job, so I'm working as a sub myself, this is my first season plowing "for-hire" - previously, I just plowed at the shop I rent and my workplace.

Looking forward to sharing ideas/info/pics with you. Any photos of your truck you can post?


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Central Indiana
Welcome, you can learn a lot here! I have, if you have any questions do a search, you will probably find the answer. If not just ask us.

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Agree with Denis - this site is addictive. I'm here every day, at least reading. Sometimes it's very entertaining. Sometimes you'll get irritated. But it's always informative.

Welcome to PlowSite.

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