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New guy needing help?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Cooters Dodge, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Cooters Dodge

    Cooters Dodge Member
    Messages: 70

    I know you all have heard this song and dance before but I still need some quick help. Louisville, Ky. I have a flat 10 acre parking lot to clean off. Room to push snow in a pile. Need help on pricing for scraping and salting?

    Any help is apreciated!
  2. Cooters Dodge

    Cooters Dodge Member
    Messages: 70

    Today Would Be A Great Time To Get Some Help!

    DERBYDON Member
    Messages: 39

    Depends a lot on what you're plowing with.

    For example, with a 7.5' plow, use a factor of 35,000 sq ft/hour.

    44,000 sq ft/acre. Depending on shape of lot, curbs, speed bumps... I would say somewhere around 8-9 hours to plow.

    This late in the year, you should be able to bid per hour.

    In the Louisville area I have seen quotes from as low as $75/hr up to $130/hr.

    With a lot this big, if you don't have a bigger plow, you will probably need to drop your per hour rate to be competitive against the outfits that run dump trucks with big plows.

    Hope this helps. :blush2:
  4. Cooters Dodge

    Cooters Dodge Member
    Messages: 70

    Thanks for the response!