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hello everyone, im new here. currently i have a 1997 Camaro SS. lately im starting to think i need a truck, especially with winter coming. im just talking off the top of my head here, but if i were to buy a truck it would either be a new chevy 2500HD with the 8.1L or an f350 ford with the v10 and definitely put a nice plow on it. i was just wondering who likes which truck and why. if i got the f350 i would put on an 8ft hd fisher, and if i got the chevy i would put on a 8ft western pro plow. for some reason, i think westerns look good on a chevy, ford, or dodge, but i dont like how a fisher looks on a chevy. plus i think an 8ft fisher hd model would make a chevy sag very much so. maybe it wouldnt sag a 2500HD model? give me some ideas fellas, thanks!

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If your going to buy a truck and put decent mileage on it, then you will want the diesel. If they are more money than your willing to spend look at the used trucks with diesels. Whatever you buy, go with the oil burner. Just my 2 cents?

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Ok, because I am a Ford Man, I will say buy Ford. However gas or diesel it is up to you. I feel there is a bennefit to diesel if you plan on traveling long distances sometimes.

As for the Plow. Buy the plow from the dealer who will give you the best dealer support. If the Fisher dealer is going to give you better support buy Fisher, if the western dealer is going to give better support buy western. This is true for either Ford or Chevy.


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I agree with Geoff. The Chevy or the Ford (I am a GM man) would both work but when you buy the blade think about who your best friend is going to be at 3:00 in the morning if your plow goes on break. You need to have a dealer who is near and gives the level of service that you require to keep operating.


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I'm a GM man as well... but either truck will be just fine. I've actually become quite a fan of the Ford SD's. I think I would opt for the diesel personally though... that V-10 seemed a little weak to me, and you'll get better mileage from the Powerstroke.

As far as the coice of plows go, I agree with what everyone else said. Make sure you have dealer support near by.


Oh yeah... and Westerns look pretty good on any truck.

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